InstallAware DiskZIP(英語版)

InstallAware DiskZIP is the natural evolution of more than two decades of data compression expertise at InstallAware, now in the service of not only software developers, but PC users everywhere: DiskZIP’s transparent disk compression builds a compressed disk image file, which is locked by the operating system during boot, safely out of reach of all known malware. All applications, user files, and operating system settings are secured within, and transparently accessed from, this compressed disk image.

InstallAware DiskZIP Features

  • DiskZIP creates a disk image file which is 100% impregnable to all known malware.
  • Skip the cloud and store local. DiskZIP frees upto 5.5 GB disk space on a clean Windows 10 install, and 22 GB on Windows 10 with a full InstallAware setup. Without deleting anything from your disk.
  • Unaffected disk write speeds. Net-zero-sum impact on performance.


  • All your data is preserved in the form your disk was last compressed using DiskZIP Offline.
  • Retains all installed...


InstallAware DiskZIP 2022
InstallAware DiskZIP 2022
新しい増分コピー機能を追加、Windows 11および Windows Server 2022の互換性を追加
InstallAware DiskZIPが米国でディスク圧縮テクノロジーの特許を取得
InstallAware DiskZIPが米国でディスク圧縮テクノロジーの特許を取得
InstallAware DiskZIP 2020
InstallAware DiskZIP 2020
InstallAware DiskZIPがリリースされました
InstallAware DiskZIPがリリースされました

価格:¥ 640,860 (税込)〜

The Software is licensed per user、 it may be installed on one PC per licensed user。


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公式認定ディストリビューターとして InstallAware 社の正式ライセンスをお客様に直接お届けいたします。
Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7