InstallAware DiskZIP について


InstallAware DiskZIP is the natural evolution of more than two decades of data compression expertise at InstallAware, now in the service of not only software developers, but PC users everywhere: DiskZIP’s transparent disk compression builds a compressed disk image file, which is locked by the operating system during boot, safely out of reach of all known malware. All applications, user files, and operating system settings are secured within, and transparently accessed from, this compressed disk image.

InstallAware DiskZIP Features

  • In addition to malware, in the event that mandatory operating system updates, application configuration errors, or even user errors inadvertently damage your configuration; DiskZIP restores your PC to the exact state it was in when you had last compressed it through the one-click “System Refresh” option.
  • Should you be unable to boot to the Windows Desktop, your data is still safe and easily recoverable when you attach your drive with your compressed disk image file to any PC externally.
  • DiskZIP also reinforces your privacy by reducing the extent of your cloud exposure.
  • Without having to delete a single file, DiskZIP creates 5,5 GB extra disk space on a clean Windows 10 installation. These space savings apply to all third party apps and user data too - for example, if you ran a full InstallAware setup, DiskZIP would then create 22 GB of extra disk space for you - giving you uninterrupted and secure access to all your data, locally stored, away from all prying eyes threatening the cloud.