Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack

Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack is a suite of 60 real-time instrumentation display components for instrumentation applications. This includes the analog components, digital components and professional components range. components include: Knob, Slider, Angular Gauge, Odometer, Linear Gauge, LED Bar, LED Spiral, Thermometer, Analog Display, Analog Output, Seven Segment Analog, Gradient, Label, Edit, Led Diamond, Led Arrow, Led Matrix, Spectrum Display, Pie Chart, Percent Bar Timers Compass, Valve, Tank and more.

Iocomp Component Features

  • High-Speed for Real Time Applications
  • Professional and Easy to Setup with Custom Property Editors & Theme Support
  • Automatic & custom component sizing, no restrictive bitmap controls limiting your form designs
  • Look & feel of real-life instrumentation hardware
  • Custom property editors
  • EMF, BMP, and JPG export

All of the components are compatible with popular 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft ActiveX and VCL development environments..

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Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack V5 SP5
Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack V5 SP5
RAD Studio 10.3 Rio(DelphiとC++ Builder)、およびVisual Studio 2017をサポート
Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack V5.0 SP4
Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack V5.0 SP4
Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo(DelphiおよびC++Builder)をサポート
Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack V5.0 SP2
Iocomp ActiveX/VCL Pro Pack V5.0 SP2
RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin(DelphiとC++ Builder)をサポート

価格:¥ 229,300 (税抜)〜

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Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX
  • VCL