KWizCom Cascading LookApp (Office 365) について

SharePoint Online(Office 365)用ルックアップアプリ - 複数サイトの検索、フィルタリング、絞り込み機能付き

KWizCom's Cascading LookApp is a SharePoint 2013 app. The Cascading LookApp field enables you to turn SharePoint Lookup columns into "Super Lookup" columns that include additional capabilities including Cross-site Lookups, Cascaded Lookups, Filter Lookup by view and quickly create new items in the looked-up list.

  • Cross-site Lookups – Unlike the out-of-the-box Lookup columns, with Cascading LookApp you can now create a lookup to remote lists, which are located in various sites.
  • Cascaded Lookups – Who isn’t familiar with this SharePoint limitation?? Now you can easily filter you Lookup fields by other field on the same form, such as in the most common scenario: Region > Country > City.
  • Filter Lookup by view – When you create a Lookup field, you can have it filtered by a selected view of the referenced list (unlike the out-of-the-box Lookup field that always displays all items from the looked-up list.
  • Quickly create new items in the looked-up list – you can now create new items in the looked-up list, directly from the New/Edit form of your current edited item. No need to close that form and go to the Looked-up list – saving time.