KwizCom Data View Plus App (SPFx)

The KWizCom Data View Plus app (SPFx) connects to various data source types and displays them in a responsive and fully-customizable UI, enabling you to display what you need in the exact way you want.

Easily connect to data sources

  • Aggregate data from multiple SharePoint sites and site collections.
  • Excel files.
  • All your Office 365 Online data through Graph API.

Organize and group your data

  • Accordion sections.
  • Tabs.

Configurable Filters

Instantly create the exact filtering form you need to easily find your data.

Custom Actions

Global-actions and Item-actions enable you to quickly create custom menus, to match your exact usage-scenario.

Available action snippets include:

  • Email item.
  • Show item...


KwizCom Data View Plus App (SPFx) v1.0.12
KwizCom Data View Plus App (SPFx) v1.0.12
Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Serverをサポート
KwizCom Data View Plus App (SPFx) 1.0.11
KwizCom Data View Plus App (SPFx) 1.0.11

価格:¥ 287,800 (税抜)〜

Licensed on an annual basis。 To continue to use the software you must purchase an annual license each year。 Per-user subscriptions are limited to a single site collection。 Site Collection Subscription...


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