KWizCom Datasheet View for SharePoint 2013 のリリース

February 24, 2019

Updates in v15.1.24

  • Added: Have Datasheet view button available in modern list views.
  • Fixed: Datasheet view does not work with personal views cleanly if there are multiple personal views.
  • Fixed: Datasheet view ribbon button is grayed out for users with read-only permissions.
February 19, 2017

v11.1.12 での更新項目


  • Fixed: When resizing a window while in datasheet view, the datasheet will not resize with it.
January 31, 2016

11.1.10 での更新項目


  • Improved: Make the Datasheet view larger.


  • Fixed: Activation key fix.
  • Fixed: Datasheet height does not increase on IE8.
  • Fixed: Javascript code on the “Datasheet.aspx” page was not firing.