KWizCom Field Constraints のリリース

May 07, 2019

Updates in v15.3.88

  • Added: Apply column permissions to the Quick Edit view.
  • Fixed: List View Permission not working when adding the list to the home page.
  • Fixed: Field constraints do not work as expected on date and time fields.
  • Fixed: field grouping does not align fields if some names are too long.
  • Fixed: Using a custom action as the default new action does not take effect until a field grouping customization has been applied.
  • Fixed: content type fields that are mandatory can still be saved...
August 03, 2016

13.3.42 での更新項目


Updates in KWizCom Forms 13.3.42
(KWizCom Field Constraints is a sub product of KWizCom Forms)

  • Fixed: Form shows up before layout is complete.