KWizCom Field Groups/Tabs について


KWizCom Field Groups/Tabs enables you to quickly add tabs, collapsable regions and custom themes and turn your SharePoint list forms into dynamic, great-looking forms. No need to learn and deploy any new form technologies and tools or to become a form design expert using too-complicated drag and drop proprietary tools. Just keep using your regular SharePoint list forms.

KWizCom Field Groups/Tabs Key Features & Benefits

  • Technology - Use the existing SharePoint lists & libraries, No new tools or skills required.
  • Easily create multi-tab forms in a few minutes, requires no special skills.
  • Create forms with collapsible frames (Accordion) in a few minutes, requires no special skills.
  • Tab permissions: Tabs can be displayed only to specific users/groups.
  • Configure which tabs to be displayed in web and in mobile clients.
  • Flexible multi-column layout.
  • Inherit SharePoint theme - The created forms automatically inherit your SharePoint theme.
  • Custom layout settings can be saved as part of the List/Site template.