KWizCom KPI Field Type

KPI Field Type is part of KWizCom Forms. The SharePoint KPI field type enables you to better visualize your targets and current status by allowing you to display key performance indicator icons and progress bars in your SharePoint lists/libraries and web parts. Each KPI Column can be customized to display exactly as you define it, so you can define the exact logic upon which an icon or set of icons should be displayed. You can display KPI’s in SharePoint by using the KPI web part (which exists only in SP2010 Enterprise edition, and no longer exists in SP2013/2016). The only way you can display KPI icons in your list views is by hard-coding it in the Data View web part or in calculated fields – both require development skills and effort. By using the KWizCom KPI field type you can easily and quickly display KPI icons/progress bars columns as part of your list views without any development.

KPI Field Type Features:

  • Display KPI icons as separate columns or inside a required column
  • Display progress bars based on values of a required column
  • Display icons based on logical conditions (and not only based on numeric threshold values)
  • You can add your custom icons
  • Cross-browser
  • Multi-lingual


KWizCom KPI Field Type 11.2
KWizCom KPI Field Type 11.2

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One software license is required per server。 This add-on is licensed per-WFE server、 meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license。 Development Annual Licenses are available only for...


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SharePoint Compatibility
  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2010