KWizCom SharePoint Find & Replace のリリース

Released: Sep 19, 2019

v1.0.0.56 での更新項目


  • Include an items full URL in the log file.

Released: May 24, 2019

v1.0.0.52 での更新項目


  • Added: Add auto-detect and auto-login with current user for find and replace behind proxy.

Released: Apr 25, 2019

v1.0.0.51 での更新項目

Updates in v1.0.0.51

  • Added: support SP2019 server.

Released: Apr 20, 2016

v1.0.41 での更新項目


  • Improved: Block Excel compatibility checker alerts.
  • Improved: Support SharePoint 2016.


  • Fixed: Tool stops when scanning password protected files.