KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator について


KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator is available for SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. It provides true aggregation (roll-up) capabilities across SharePoint sites and site-collections, great looking skins and AJAX-based inline editing capabilities.

KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator web part provides ultimate aggregation (roll–up) capabilities plus usability features that make it easy to use and deploy:

Aggregate data across Site-Collections
No more site-collection barrier - The SharePoint List Aggregator enables you to run cross site collection queries and easily implement the needed reports and views for your business needs.

In-place list item editing
With KWizCom SharePoint ListAggregator's AJAX–based inline form you can update any aggregated list item within the aggregator web part, with no additional page refresh.

Support grouping and sorting
KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator enables you to group a number of lists from the entire site collection or a specific list from a single site. You can group the list items by site or by a list property.
Sorting is available by all the list properties or by site name.

Drag & drop columns functionality
When adding KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator to your web part page in editing mode, it is possible to change the columns order by dragging & dropping list columns.

End-users can toggle between views
With KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator you can use the available views to present to your users and users can change the current view by choosing a different view in the views drop down control.

Different skins
KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator enables you to change the web part’s look and feel easily by choosing one of the various looking skins.

Export to CSV and PDF
With KWizCom SharePoint List you can export the list items to PDF format or to CSV format (compatible with Microsoft Excel) by clicking on the appropriate toolbar icon in KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator.

Enable filtering
You can filter your list items by all kinds of filter options like: contains, starts with, equal to, etc.

Support Microsoft Project Server web access list types
KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator also supports the Project Web Access (PWA) list types: Deliverables, Issues and Risks.

This makes the KWizCom List Aggregator an ideal tool for Enterprise Project Management (EPM), SharePoint-based solutions. By using the List Aggregator web part, you can easily provide a project management dashboard that aggregates all project information from the various project workspaces.

You can roll-up information such as:

  • High probability risks
  • Open issues
  • Recent deliverables

Produce custom reports
By using the List aggregator web part together with the KWizCom List Filter Plus, you can easily implement any SharePoint-based custom report.