KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature について


KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature provides an extensive taxonomy management solution for SharePoint-based implementations such as Document Management, Collaboration workspaces, Portals and Internet Web Sites. Supports both Web 2.0-style tagging and hierarchical/structured categories. KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature enables you to tag external content, located in any other system in your organization. No matter where your web content is located, you can tag it and easily find it.

Tagging and categorizing content using WEB 2.0-style tags or Hierarchical logic category trees is now available for SharePoint.

KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature provides an extensive taxonomy management solution for SharePoint-based implementations:

  • Document Management
  • Collaboration workspaces
  • Portals
  • Internet web sites

This all-in-one solution supports both Web 2.0-style tagging and hierarchical/structured categories.

Why use KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature:
SharePoint 2007 doesn’t provide any tagging/taxonomy management capabilities.
SharePoint 2010 does provide new tagging capabilities, but still has some limitations such as:

  • The new taxonomy features exist only in SharePoint server, so SharePoint Foundation users don’t get any taxonomy management capabilities.
  • No built-in ability to tag external web content (tagging content located in other web systems in the enterprise)
  • No support for tag-level permissions and approval routing
  • No support for cross site collection taxonomy management

KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature Benefits:

  • Supports both SharePoint server and WSS/SharePoint Foundation
  • Cross site collection taxonomy management
  • Enables tagging external web content using web service API
  • Tag Cloud view
  • Tag Index view
  • Supports hierarchical category trees
  • Displays tags as a menu bar, enabling logical navigation (category-based navigation)
  • Enables sorting and filtering tags by views
  • Tags Email alert subscription - alert users when an Item was tagged according to tags they subscribed to (with the option to unsubscribe)
  • Automatic tagging of email messages: when a user adds a token {TAG:[tag1;tag2;tag3]}to the email subject it will automatically tag the email sent to email enabled library.
  • Tag-level permissions
  • Filter tags by permissions and views (different users may see different tags according to permissions and views)
  • Define maximum number of tags to display in the Tag Cloud
  • Supports multiple tags lists, in different scopes
  • Supports Anonymous access
  • Fully integrated with SharePoint search results
  • Can be used in content types and as independent site columns
  • Supports tagging documents directly from Office 2007/2010 applications
  • Control new tags creation
  • All user interfaces are fully customizable using .CSS and web user control (.ascx).
  • Taxonomy import utility enables importing vocabularies from CSV/XML and 3rd-party formats such as WAND formats.
  • Faceted search (ability to filter search results by category)
  • Multilingual (standard for all KWizCom components)
  • Cross-browser compatible (IE, Firefox and Google Chrome)