KWizCom User/Group Redirection Web Part

KWizCom SharePoint User & Group Redirection web part is a single solution for redirecting specific users and groups of users from one page on SharePoint to any different page on your Intranet/Extranet/Internet. This enables your SharePoint Administrator to better protect your SharePoint assets and easily manage and control users and groups’ access.

Create Smart Redirection Rules

  • SharePoint User & Group Redirection enables administrators to define redirection rules both for specific users and for groups (Active Directory/SharePoint groups).
  • When users attempt to access a certain page, they are redirected to an alternate page, based on the redirection rules the administrator created.
  • Administrators can configure redirection rules also for anonymous users visiting your Internet/extranet web site - Easily share content with potential...



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One software license is required per server。 This add-on is licensed per-WFE server、 meaning: every web front-end server requires a separate license。 Development Annual Licenses are available only for...


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SharePoint Compatibility
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2007