Master Packager のリリース

Released: Jan 21, 2021

v21.x での更新項目


Updated Jan 21, 2021


  • Master Repackager
    • Added MSIX validation engine.
    • Added logic that checks if local file version for MSIX validation rules is greater than appdata.
  • Master Packager
    • Added registry permissions.


  • Master Packager
    • Edit permissions on the folder doesn't open the start screen for permissions.
    • Editing file name within File Editor view causes an exception.
    • Editing file size within File Editor gives an error.
  • Master Wrapper
    • Multiline comments are not handled...

Released: Feb 19, 2020

v20.x での更新項目


Updated Nov 13, 2020


  • Master Packager
    • Added templates for permissions.
  • Master Wrapper
    • Added the ability to set appScriptDate and appScriptAuthor during save.
    • Updated PSAppDeployToolkit to v3.8.3.
  • All
    • Added support for expiry notifications.


  • Master Wrapper
    • MSP cannot be added to Actions section.
    • AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml has incorrect encoding.
    • Deploy-Application.ps1 Uninstall comment set as Pre-Repair comment.
    • AppDeployToolkit subfolder files are overwritten with default...