Ozcode Live Debugger について


Ozcode Live Debugger (Production Debugger) minimizes the time spent fixing errors in .NET applications. It removes the need to reproduce bugs, shortening release cycles and improving application health across Devevelopment, QA, and Production.

Ozcode Live Debugger (Production Debugger) Features

  • Traditional Production Debugging
    • Bug alert
    • Dip through logs
    • Add new log
    • Redeploy log
    • Analyze root cause
    • Reproduce locally
    • Deploy fix
  • Production Debugging with Ozcode
    • Bug alert
    • Auto-capture debug data
    • Time-travel to the root cause
    • Deploy fix
  • Developer - Debug with ease on QA, Staging, and Production in an IDE-like web-based debugger.
  • QA - Provide the bug report with a single link.
  • DevOps/SRE - Ensure application health of your deployments.
  • Business Stakeholder - Never allow bugs to impact the business.
  • Zero code changes​ - Install lightweight agent in 5 minutes.
  • Run anywhere - Easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Azure, AWS, Windows and Linux.
  • Low footprint - Less than 3% impact on runtime performance.