OLAP ModelKit Professional Edition

OLAP ModelKit is a multifunctional OLAP component for .NET written in C# containing only 100% managed code. It features an XP Themed appearance and the ability to use any .NET data sources (ADO.NET and IList). The flexibility of the product is extended by the ability to present data with the help of any third-party component, especially chart components. OLAP ModelKit allows users to interact with huge databases summarizing and exploring data, to view any amount of data and to perform interactive analysis.

The OLAP ModelKit is intended for the creation of analytical applications for decision support systems. The package includes a flexible OLAP component for multidimensional data analysis. The use of components doesn’t require deep knowledge in programming since this pack represents a unified development framework with similar design-time and runtime customization facilities.

OLAP ModelKit is designed to easily chart multidimensional data in an understandable manner for data analysis. Reports...


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