Pragmatic Workbench について


Pragmatic Workbench is an application suite that contains features of four Pragmatic Works’ products; BI xPress, DBA xPress, DOC xPress and LegiTest. BI Xpress increases BI development and administration efficiency by giving you the ability to quickly build SSIS packages. Doc Xpress provides documentation, lineage and impact analysis to help you trace source data to quickly identify the path data takes from source to destination. LegiTest allows you to test all aspects of the SQL Server stack with complete unit, integration and product data verification testing. DBA Xpress compares and synchronizes the changes between data and schema stored in different databases.

Pragmatic Workbench is an essential suite of tools for every Microsoft SQL Server DBA, Developer, Analyst, and Architect.

SSIS Auditing, Monitoring, and Notification
Auditing Framework Wizard works with the SSIS Monitoring Console to provide detailed logging and performance information about your SSIS packages. The wizard enables you to easily add, remove, or edit the auditing framework in your SSIS packages during development or after they've been deployed to the SSIS Catalog. SSIS Monitoring Console displays data recorded during the execution of your SSIS packages. There are numerous reports included displaying real-time monitoring, performance information and execution trend data. Notification Framework Wizard allows you to create notifications based on events in your SSIS packages.

SSIS Code Snippets & Package Templates
Pragmatic Workbench includes several capabilities to make reusing SSIS functionality fast and easy. Package Builder is used to easily create packages and parts of packages from existing templates, so that you can avoid repetitive development tasks. In addition, you can create new templates from existing packages or tasks. Snippets are pre-build and tested pieces of SSIS functionally that can be inserted into your existing packages, and include tasks like emailing, HTTP downloads, registry access and more.

Generate Instant Documentation for the SQL Server Database, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Excel, Oracle
DOC xPress can produce robust, customizable documentation in a variety of formats to fit your business needs. With support for exporting the documentation to Word, HTML, CHM or providing it via a web server by using DOC xPress Server, you can provide your technical and business users with the information they need in the most convenient format for them to consume it.

Object Lineage to Trace Source Data
Object Lineage allows you to answer the question 'Where did this data come from?" A huge time-drain for all types of SQL developers and DBA's, is tracing the source of data within a system. This component of DOC xPress enables users to explore how data in one part of their environment is used in other parts. For example, if you need to determine where a certain field on your SSRS report comes from, you can use Object Lineage to trace that field back to a database, see the SSIS package that populated the column, and even trace that back to the source database.

Impact Analysis to Understand Consequences of Object Changes
Impact Analysis allows us to answer the question 'What will be affected if I change this element of my environment?' This saves developers and DBAs countless hours trying to assess how a change to one part of their environment will impact others by enabling them to explore the dependencies in their environments.

Metadata Management with Enterprise Data Dictionary
Users often want to capture additional information as part of their documentation. Information like service level agreements, persons responsible for the data, timeliness of the data and other attributes can be captured using the Data Dictionary functionality of DOC xPress. By adding annotations to existing objects in the DOC xPress repository, users can capture any additional information that they desire.

Unit Test your SQL Databases, SSIS Packages, SSAS Cubes, SSRS Reports, Web Services and more to Validate the Code you Develop
LegiTest's systematic, wizard-based approach makes testing your SQL Server databases simple. You can test your table structures, stored procedures and more using pre-built actions and assertions to work with your database in minutes. LegiTest is integrated into the familiar Visual Studio / SSDT environment, and you can use a graphical designer to create the tests. Since LegiTest connects with any database with an ADO.NET provider (which includes ODBC and OLE DB), you can test across multiple databases on different technologies.

Cross-Platform Data Validation
Verifying that you have the right data in the right places can be a challenge. You can use the LegiTest platform to validate that your numbers balance between different databases including source systems, staging environments, data warehouses, OLAP cubes and even the reports. LegiTest makes sure you have the right data on your reports by ensuring that it reconciles and that nothing is missing. Dozens of data verification tests can be built in minutes using the LegiTest wizards.

Workbench Server
Workbench Server brings together the powerful features of Pragmatic Works' Server products. With the ability to have up to 1000 CALs for each Server product, Workbench Server can meet the demands of organizations at any size.