Pragmatic Workbench 仕様

  Pragmatic Workbench Pro Edition Pragmatic Workbench Server Edition Pragmatic Workbench Enterprise Edition
DBA xPress  
Notification Engine  
Notification Framework Wizard  
Package Deployment Wizard  
Report Deployment Tool  
Reporting Performance Monitor  
SSIS Catalog Import  
SSIS Monitoring Console  
Auditing Framework Command Line  
Auditing Framework Wizard  
Best Practices Analyzer  
BI Compare  
Compile Script Tasks/Components  
Data Generation  
Expression Highlighter  
Expression List and Expression Editor  
Expression Manager  
Insert Data Flow Nugget  
MDX Calculation Builder Wizard  
Package Builder Wizard  
Package Sorter  
Quick Config Edit  
Quick Deploy Wizard  
Script Snippet Library  
Secure Configuration Manager  
SSIS Unit Command Line  
SSIS Unit Testing  
User Defined Best Practices  
Variable Copy/Move to New Scope  
Variable Dependency Scanner  
Variable Edit  
Impact Analysis  
Object Lineage  
Data Dictionary  
Data Dictionary Import/Export  
Metadata Viewer  
Role-Based Output  
Snapshot Comparison  
Snapshot Command Line Scheduler  
Snapshot Management  
Snapshot Process  
Document Generation Process  
Document Image Support  
Import External Sources  
Multiple Format Support  
Solution Wizard  
Tableau Provider  
Technologies Supported  
In-Line Data Dictionary Edits  
Visual Studio/SQL Server Data Tools Integration  
Web-Based Client Access  
Unit Testing  
Data Validation  
Automated Validation/Monitoring of Production Results  
Test Results Notifications  
Historical Data Testing Results Dashboard  
Schema Inspector  
Schema Surf  
Data Inspector  
Data Surf  
Data Space Analyzer  
Object Browser