Quick License Manager (QLM) のリリース

Released: May 22, 2020

v14 での更新項目


Updated May 22, 2020


  • QLM License Wizard
    • The wizard can now allow the end-user to select whether to activate a node locked license or a floating license.
    • The wizard can now automatically download a digitally signed license file when a license is activated online.
    • The wizard can now automatically download a digitally signed product properties file when a license is activated online.
  • QLM Portal
    • Analytics charts are now displayed in the Portal.
  • QLM Customer Portal (post-release June...

Released: Mar 21, 2019

V12 での更新項目


  • QLM Pro
    • Enhancements to Qt C++ for Windows LicenseValidator class.
    • The QLM License Wizard can be localized into multiple languages.
    • QLM can now be configured as an Azure App Service instead of a Classic Cloud Service.
  • QLM Enterprise
    • The workflow of the QLM License Wizard when registering a floating license database was modified. The floating license registration page is now displayed before the license activation page.
    • Configure Salesforce to automatically create license keys when a...

Released: Apr 26, 2018

v11 での更新項目


  • Adds new features for GDPR* - Provides the tools you need to request and track privacy policy consent from your customers:
    • The QLM License Wizard includes a new Privacy Policy page that the user must consent to before activating a license or registering a user.
    • The QLM Customer Site Trial Registration Form now requires the user to consent to a Privacy Policy before registering to download a trial.
    • The QLM License Wizard and the QLM Trial Registration web page now include a field to specify...

Released: May 26, 2017

v10 での更新項目


  • Revamped QLM License Wizard
    • Completely redesigned workflow.
    • Includes Check for Updates to notify your customer of the latest eligible version based on the maintenance plan.
    • Download and launch your setup from within the wizard.
    • Offline Activation via a QR code scanned from a mobile device.
    • Offline Deactivation via a QR code scanned from a mobile device.
    • Automatically publishes Analytics Data to the License Server.
  • QLM Pro
    • Create your own custom Product Properties and set them when issuing a...

Released: Jun 22, 2016

v9 での更新項目


  • New .NET WinForms control - QlmActivationControl supersedes QlmWebBasicActivationControl.
  • New QlmLicenseWizard.exe - Uses a more modern look & feel and is much smaller in file size.
  • New QlmWizardControl - Supersedes QlmLicenseWizardCtl, uses a more modern look & feel and is much smaller in file size.
  • New WPF based QlmActivationControl - If your application is developed with .NET WPF, you can now use this control instead of hosting a WinForms control in WPF.
  • QLM Portal Email Features...

Released: Oct 23, 2015

v8 での更新項目


  • New forms to capture user information and generate trial keys.
  • Integration with MailChimp.
  • New WooCommerce Plugin.
  • Improved QLM Portal.
  • Improved PDF document protection.

Released: Jul 16, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in 7.0.14187.2

  • Fixed multi byte issue when adding a user via AddUserEx.
  • IsLicenseKeyActivated can now be called from C++.
  • QlmLicense object has a new CultureName property.
  • Added new macros for searches including this_month and last_month.