Rainbow PDF Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) について

Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2016文書やその他多数のファイル形式をサーバー上でPDFや画像形式に変換

Web 環境で使うか、社内サーバーから呼ばれるかにかかわらず、Rainbow PDF Server Based Converter はハイスピードでオンデマンド、バッチオペレーションでファイルを変換します。短縮された開発時間がネットワークアプリケーションサービスプロバイダーで人気なソリューションにします。Rainbow PDF Server Based ConverterはMicrosoft Office がインストールまたは動作していない環境でドキュメントを変換できます。ファイル変換がAntenna Houseのダイレクト作成エンジン中で完全に実行されるため、 Adobe あるいは Microsoft ライセンスは必要ありません。

Rainbow PDF Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) Product Highlights

  • Conversion of MS Office documents and RTF to PDF on a server
  • No need for installation of MS Office or Adobe Software
  • Fast, high volume Conversions
  • Unlimited number of users, unlimited conversions per server
  • Conversion of documents to JPEG/PNG/TIFF
  • Direct Printer output
  • Conversion of images and text to PDF, SVG 1.1/SVG Basic/SVG Tiny, JPEG/TIFF/PNG
  • Conversion of PDF and MS Office documents to Adobe Flash format
  • Conversion of password protected files
  • Plus version adds CGM input
  • Plus version adds XPS and INX output files
  • Easy system integration: Command-line, .NET, COM, Java and C/C++ interfaces
  • Available for Windows and Linux and Solaris
  • Conversion of Excel files by sheet
  • Wide range of conversion capabilities

Conversion to PDF

  • Generates a PDF file without requiring Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office on your server
  • Supports Adobe Acrobat versions 1.3 through 1.7
  • A master password can be set to limit changes to the document
  • You can use the same password as your Adobe Acrobat
  • The font used in the original MS document can be embedded into the PDF file (providing the same font is installed on the server)
  • The resolution and size of images can be specified
  • Has the ability to embed a hyperlink when converting MS Word and MS PowerPoint to PDF
  • Will retain bookmarks when converting MS Word documents
  • Can now convert text files to PDF

Conversion to SVG

  • Generates an SVG file from an MS Office document or image. This means you can now display documents or images on a cellular phone equipped with an SVG viewer.
  • Converts to SVG 1.1, SVC Basic, SVG Tiny and will also support conversions to SVGZ
  • Fonts can be embedded into an SVG file provided the font is installed on the server
  • Images can either be embedded into an SVG file or be external files linked from an SVG file
  • Multi-page documents can be split or individually selected for outputting
  • Your converted SVG can be displayed on cellular phones or any other device that has the ability to view SVG Basic or SVG Tiny
  • Can now convert text files to SVG

Conversion to JPEG/PNG (Windows Version)

  • Generates JPEG/PNG thumbnails suitable for a visual library
  • The output resolution can be specified from 50 to 500 dpi
  • The reduction rate can be specified by either % value or pixel value
  • Your output can be displayed on any piece equipment that can display JPEG or PNG
  • Can now convert text files to JPEG/PNG

Web Interface for Office Server Document Converter

Web Interface for Office Server Document Converter (WIOSDC) allows users to access OSDC remotely. By using Web Interface for OSDC, a company will save time and money that would otherwise go towards developing their own interface. The benefits of using Web Interface for OSDC include:

  • Simplified client access to Office Server Document Converter via the internet.
  • Greatly reduced development time.
  • Simplified support.
  • Easily lets one Office Server Document Converter license be used for multiple applications.

Web Interface for Office Server Document Converter lets a client computer send a MS Office or image file to Office Server Document Converter and receive back a PDF document. It eliminates the need to undertake an expensive and complicated development effort. Web Interface for Office Server Document Converter includes Folder Monitoring Service which, will allow you to obtain the conversion result by simply throwing a target file into the specified folder and then will notify you when the conversion finishes.