SQL Monitor について

アラートと診断機能を使ってSQL Serverのパフォーマンスをリアルタイムで監視

Red Gate SQL Monitor は、直観的なインターフェースで、そして電子メールでインテリジェントなアラートとれレコメンドを提供して、SQL サーバーの健康とアクティビティーをモニターします。SQL Monitor はWebベースのモニタリングを提供し、デスクトップのマシンとモバイル装置の上でリアルタイムにサーバーパフォーマンスをモニターできます。SQL Monitor によって、問題が起こるとすぐに、電子メールと UI によってアラートを受け取り、ひと目でグローバル、マシン、クラスタ、サーバーとデータベースの健康とパフォーマンスをチェックできます。SSRS あるいは UI で報告書を生成して、そして完全な過去のデータが巻き戻し時間に速く問題の原因を識別を可能にします。

SQL Monitor (formerly SQL Response)
SQL Server performance monitoring and alerting

  • Web-based monitoring: keep an eye on server performance in real time on desktop machines and mobile devices.
  • Intuitive overviews: check global, machine, cluster, server and database health and performance at a glance.
  • Intelligent alerts: receive alerts via email and the UI as soon as problems arise.
  • Full historical data: rewind time to identify the causes of problems fast.
  • Reporting: generate reports with SSRS or the UI.

SQL Monitor is a web-based performance monitoring and alerting tool for SQL Server. Accessible from any computer or internet-enabled mobile device, SQL Monitor gives you the freedom to keep watch on your servers beyond the limits of your desktop.

Intuitive overviews present the critical information you need in a straightforward format, updated in real time. You are alerted to problems by email and the built-in Alert Inbox in the UI whenever issues arise, so you know about them first. You get a full account of the problem and crucial details to solve it, no matter how far you are from your desk.

Historical performance data is stored in a SQL Server database, so you can 'rewind' time, check what went wrong at a specific point in time, and prevent it from happening again. Use SSRS, the inbuilt Analysis tab, or export your performance monitoring data as a .csv, for comprehensive reporting on server performance.

Relentlessly tested to give you accurate information whenever and wherever you need it most, SQL Monitor is a reliable and accessible tool for SQL Server environments of every size.

SQL Monitor Key Features:

  • Mobile monitoring: Use the web UI to monitor SQL Server health and performance from most mobile devices and any desktop machine.
  • Intuitive overviews: Monitor performance at every level - global, machine, cluster, SQL Server, and individual database.
  • Up-to-the-minute performance data: Key metrics update every few seconds, for prompt alerts and precise performance metrics.
  • Centralized alerts: Mark, clear, and comment on alerts in a centralized Alert Inbox, to work efficiently as a team.
  • Alerts via email or the UI: Get alerts by email and the Alert Inbox in the UI as soon as issues arise, so you know about them first and have the diagnostic data needed to resolve them.
  • Customizable alert levels and thresholds: Tune alert levels and thresholds to your specific requirements, or get started at once using SQL Monitor's default settings.
  • Embedded guides to metrics: Interpret server activity at a glance with embedded explanations of every performance measure.
  • Produce reports with SSRS or the UI: All your performance monitoring data is stored in a SQL Server database, so you can generate custom reports with SQL Server Reporting Services, or straight from the SQL Monitor UI via the Analysis tab.
  • Comprehensive historical data: Go back in time to check your SQL Server health and performance for a specific period and pinpoint the source of problems fast.
  • Simple, quick start-up: SQL Monitor works straight out of the box, so you can start monitoring right away.