FileUp Professional (英語版)


SoftArtisans 社の製品
2003 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

バージョン: V6.0.0 更新日: Jun 22, 2016 レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00 (1)


Please note that in November 2019 SoftArtisans decided to sunset SoftArtisans FileUp Professional Edition.
Existing FileUp Professional customers with valid maintenance will be supported until the end of their maintenance agreement at which time they may elect to purchase maintenance on FileUp Standard Edition.

FileUp Professional (英語版) の新機能

What's New in FileUp Professional

What's new in FileUp V5.3.1
Issues resolved:

  • "SaveAsDialog" and "OpenInPlace" ASP download samples did not work on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 due to duplicate content-length response header.

What's new in FileUp V5.3
Issues Addressed:

  • FileUp was leaking small amount of memory per file during uploads
  • In chunked-encoded uploads, the progress indicator's "TotalBytes" and "Percentage" properties were not populated in ASP.NET
  • In uploads over 2-GB in ASP.NET, the progress indicator's "TotalBytes" property was getting instantly set to a negative value, and "TransferredBytes" property was returning negative values after the upload passed 2-GB
  • When installed in COM+, FileUp threw the "Exception caught when processing request" error in classic ASP uploads and the "No such interface supported" error in ASP.NET uploads due to a bug in the SAFUpps.dll.
  • FileManager's "FileExists" method did not recognize files with certain unicode characters in their name
  • FileManager's "GetFile" method threw error "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" for files with unicode characters in their name