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SharePoint Org Chart V6.6

追加 12 ヶ月間 エンタープライズ メンテナンス - 12 ヶ月間のアップデートとサポート

弊社パーツ番号 #: CSJ-546872-701077

ライセンスと配送 ¥ 29,260 (税込) カートに追加

Extends your updates and support for a further 12 months.


After verification, you will be able to immediately download the latest update of the software and activate using the Serial Number provided.

  • SharePoint Org Chart (65.9 MB)

SharePoint Org Chart(英語版) のライセンス

The SharePoint Org Chart is licensed under the following terms:

  • Single Enterprise - The SharePoint Org Chart is licensed on a perpetual basis to an individual enterprise or legal entity.
  • Run-time and Royalty free - The purchaser is licensed to install the product on as many servers as required within the enterprise or legal entity and may use the product without further cost in development, test and disaster recovery environments.
  • Licenses include six months support and upgrades.


Extra maintenance is available and provides an additional 12 months support and upgrades.