SharpShooter Gauges.Professional(英語版)

SharpShooter Gauges is intended for creating and using KPIs, specific to any industry, Computer Assisted Training systems, SCADA systems, digital dashboards and any other applications for displaying and monitoring mission-critical data. To realize all these purposes a rich library of ready-made high-resolution gauges is at your service. Moreover, you can easily create custom gauges on the base of the existing elements, as well as from scratch and adjust them to particular industry requirements.

SharpShooter Gauges allows the creation of digital dashboards, KPI, scorecards, and other data visualization applications. The SharpShooter Gauges library includes more than 80 ready-made gauges. The full-featured graphics editor allows you to create new visual components with a unique look and functionality with only a few mouse clicks using the product library or from scratch. It includes common controls such as Progress Bars, Meters, Dials, Sliders, Gauges, Odometers, Thermometers, Switches...

価格:¥ 264,800 (税抜)〜

One software license is required per Developer。 Run-time royalty free。 Important - Please note that there may be a delay before you can use this software as a unique License key needs to be generated...


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