What's New in SQL Enterprise Job Manager

What's New in SQL Enterprise Manager V2.0

  • Job Chaining – Create sequences, or chains, of jobs that run automatically one after the other based on the status of a preceding job in the chain. Configure simple to complex chains of jobs that can run either in series or in parallel to each other . The software utilizes a drag and drop interface to schedule the execution order. Job chains can be defined on a single server or span across multiple SQL Server instances.
  • Job Trending Page – View job execution trends for top failed jobs, most frequently run jobs, and longest running jobs. Forecast job duration increases that compare highest.
  • IDERA Dashboard Integration – Supports deployment with the IDERA Dashboard. The IDERA Dashboard enables multiple IDERA SQL products to be deployed together in a single web interface and includes a unique cross-product dashboard. Move between individual products with a few clicks, and from the IDERA Dashboard view status, top issues, and alerts across products on a single screen.
  • Enhanced Instance and Job Details Views – Two new views to drill down into the details for a specific job or instance including all related alerts, schedule, and job history.
  • Job Copy - Easily copy a job and apply to another instance or use as a starting point for the quick creation of a similar job.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements.