Task Factory(英語版)

Task Factory offers essential, high-performance components and tasks for SSIS that eliminate the need for programming. With over 60 components, Task Factory can increase productivity, improve performance and increase your ROI.

Task Factory’s set of 60+ components includes:

Most Popular:

  • Dimension Merge SCD Transform
  • Fact Table Destination
  • File Gateway Task
  • Rest Source (Connect to any Web Service with a REST API)
  • Salesforce.com Source & Destination
  • Secure FTP Task
  • Upsert Destination


  • Azure ML Batch Execution Task
  • Azure ML Storage Source & Destination
  • Excel Source & Destination
  • Facebook Source
  • Hadoop Web HDFS Source
  • LinkedIn Source
  • Marketo Source
  • Microsoft Dynamics Source & Destination...


Task Factory 2020.x
Task Factory 2020.x
Task Factory 2018.4.3
Task Factory 2018.4.3
Task Factory 2017.2.3
Task Factory 2017.2.3
新しいRESTの送信先を使用してREST APIにデータを送信して応答を出力

価格:¥ 220,500 (税抜)〜

Task Factory is licensed per SQL Server instance。 Any SQL Server instance that executes an SSIS package、 built using Task Factory components、 will require a license。 Developers can install Task...


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