TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX (英語版) の新機能

What's New in TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX

What's New in TeeChart Pro VCL 2016

  • Adds full support for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin.
  • Resolves one issue introduced in the last build only, affecting the new feature, Pie Mark Tails. The Tail should be default Visible False but was rendering on first Pie paint.
  • Binary support for Delphi 7, Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio 2008, 2009 and 2010 being discontinued in this version. Those environments will continue being supported via the source code version.

What's New in TeeChart Pro VCL 2015.16

  • New Supported IDEs - Full support for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder 10 Seattle.

What's New in TeeChart Pro VCL 2015

  • New Supported IDEs - Full support for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder XE8.
  • Installers Redesign - Completely redesigned installers system. One installer for all IDEs. It downloads and installs required components on demand. There’s also an off-line installer available, which doesn’t require network access and is shipped with all downloadable components.
  • Theme persistance - 2015 brings some aesthetic improvements for TeeChart VCL/FMX and .NET versions with the intention to make it easier for our users to create visually appealing charts.
  • New Built-in Chart Themes - with corresponding new color palettes.
  • PDF export improvements - Improvements to PDF export include support for gradients and multiple page exports.
  • Legend horizontal justify - Justifies the contents of the Legend, when horizontal to provide an equal space between Legend Symbols based on clearing the length of the longest Legend item text. If non-justified, the space between the end of each element and the next is equal, leading to different spaces between Legend items if their texts are of a different length.
  • AxisScrollbar - The AxisScrollerTool provides a Scroller Bar adjacent to the Chart Axis to which it is associated.

What's New in TeeChart VCL 2014.12.140923

  • Full RAD Studio XE7 support

What's New in TeeChart VCL 2014.11.140512

  • Full RAD Studio XE6 support including C++Builder Android support

What's New in TeeChart VCL 2014

  • Full RAD Studio XE5 Update 2 support, which includes C++ Builder iOS support.

What's New in TeeChart VCL 2013

  • Full RAD Studio XE5 support.
  • Full RAD Studio XE4 support.
  • New TDashBoard component.
  • New auto update feature in the about box.
  • TCircledSeries Circled property default value changed, from False to True. (Pie,Donut,etc)
  • New TPieSeries.PieMarks.InsideSlice boolean property (default False).
  • Custom chart themes: New TThemesList.Apply methods to use any TeeChart or *.tee file as a theme for other charts.
  • Firemonkey only: All Pen properties have a public Fill property, to allow painting strokes filled with gradients or bitmaps.
  • Firemonkey and VCL with GDI+ canvas only: All Gradient properties now accept multiple colors, supporting transparency (alphablending) per color.
  • Firemonkey: Improved TTeeCanvas.StretchDraw to fill areas in 3D with bitmaps. (ie: TColorGridSeries)
  • Firemonkey: Implemented TTeeCanvas GetPixel and SetPixel methods (Pixels[X,Y] property).
  • [TV52014335] New Series.Marks.Style: smsLabelPercentValue which includes: Label, Percent, and Value.
  • [TV52016570] TCursorTool now snaps to the Z position of the points when lined to a 3D series.
  • Predefined color palettes support multiple custom colors.
  • Default series color (clTeeColor) can be used as a series color via series editors.
  • All new charts are created with GDI+ canvas by default.
  • New 3D -> Render tab in the chart editor to choose which canvas to be used: GDI, GDI+ or OpenGL.
  • TPieSeries rendering improved using floating point arcs instead of integers among other enhancements and bug fixes.
  • [TV52012125] TNearestTool.Distance property. Sets the maximum allowed distance from mouse cursor to series points to paint the tool (0 = any distance).
  • New TNearestTool.Hint and HintStyle properties and OnGetHint event.
  • New iOS Palette.
  • Improved Ellipse rendering using floating point calculations instead of integers where appliable.
  • New TChartPen.Fill property (type TBrush). Only available in Firemonkey.
  • New property at TCustomSeries: Line, Area, Point and all derived from them), and TFastLineSeries. Series1.ClickTolerance, indicates the number of pixels around lines to consider "clicked". Default is zero, which is current behavior.
  • Pie Slice tool now works with multiple pie series in a chart now.

What's New in TeeTree:

  • TTree for FireMonkey (RAD XE3 and XE4) Runtime support (no design-time editors yet)
  • New Tree1.CrossBox.SignStyle property, to switch between cross "+" and triangles ">"
  • New node ToggleCheck method, to check/uncheck tree nodes: TreeNodeShape123.ToggleCheck
  • New TTree OnCheckedShape event, called whenever a node is checked or unchecked.
  • New TreeImagePool.Add overload method to load pictures from files: TreeImagePool.Add('my_icon.png')

TeeChart VCL 2012 New Features

  • New LineTransparency property for the TPoint3DSeries LinePen.
  • TeeChart Pro 2012 constants fully translated to Portuguese. Usage of the Portuguese translation is encouraged too for Brazilian users as it complies with directives included in the language standardisation agreement made between Portuguese speaking countries.
  • RAD Studio XE2, Delphi XE2 and C++ Builder XE2 Update 4 support.

What's New in TeeChart Pro 2011 VCL?

  • New TErrorPointSeries.
  • New TErrorPoint3DSeries.
  • New Automatic Font sizing on Zoom
  • New HTML Help 2 F1 help for RAD Studio

What's New in TeeChart Pro v2010 VCL?

Support for Studio/Delphi/C++ Builder XE

New Series types: KnobGauge Series, Rose Series, Ternary Series,Treemap Series

New Tool components: Custom Legend, Axis Breaks

New Functions

  • PercentageChange function (StatChar.pas unit) y = (y2-y1)/y1
  • Slope function (StatChar.pas unit) y = (y2-y1) / (x2-x1)
  • MoneyFlow Skewness
  • Kurtosis
  • Smoothed Moving Average
  • ATR (Average True Range)
  • RVI (Relative Vigor Index)
  • AO (Awesome Oscillator)
  • AC (Acclerator/Declerator Oscillator)
  • Alligator
  • Gator Oscillator

New Components: GDI+ component

New in Chart Legend: Text-Symbol gap, Legend max. rows

New in Series:

  • Marks Font Series Color
  • Marks on Bar
  • YOrigin for Histogram
  • Org Series with HTML Format
  • Smoothed Series
  • Embedded Numeric Gauge
  • Embedded Linear Gauge
  • Custom Embedding
  • ArrowSeries Transparency
  • New ArrowSeries Pointer Gradient
  • Polar Series Zoom
  • New Style option for DrawAllPoints property
  • Candle Series configurable Open and Close Tick Pen
  • CircularGauge Total displayed segment size option
  • Editable CircularGauge 3 part Frame

New in Axes

  • Axis Grid zones
  • Axis Breaks
  • Axis Labels behind
  • GridCentered with GridBand
  • Axis Labels now retrievable after discarding Custom Labels

New in Components

  • Editor Options
  • TeeCommander RotateInertia (similar to TRotateTool.Inertia property)

New in Canvas: Flash export using Flex compiler. Includes animation options


New methods

  • TTeeCanvas and TTeeCanvas3D "GetArrowPoints" function. Returns a TPoint array bounding a given set of arrow parameters.
  • TSeriesStatsTool new functions: Mean, StdDeviation, Skewness and Kurtosis
  • TGLCanvas.StretchDraw


  • TArrowSeries improved Clicked method.
  • Improved Point / Line series Clicked method when points overlap.
  • TeePolar.pas unit "TeePolarDegreeSymbol" global string variable, moved to TeeConst.pas unit to allow internationalization.
  • Improved OpenGL support for Picture properties.
  • New editor dialog for TDraw3D control (TeeDraw3DEditor.pas)
  • Support for transparent textures in OpenGL TGLCanvas.
  • BigFlatFile demo project moved inside TeeNew (Big_FlatFile.pas unit)
  • New Chart Themes

New in Export formats