About VARCHART XTree ActiveX

Add Tree Chart functionality to your applications.

VARCHART XTree lets you display, edit and print your data in the form of tree diagrams. VARCHART XTree is the perfect tool to display any kind of hierarchical structure, such as bills of materials, project planning diagrams, work breakdown structures, organigrams or file systems. Apart from all kinds of classifications, specific styles such as the look of the Microsoft Explorer (TreeView Style) can be generated.

VARCHART XTree easily and quickly lets you display, edit and print your data in the form of tree diagrams.

A large variety of options for visualizing your data are available:

  • The structure of your tree can be derived from a structure code or from child/parent relations
  • The color, format and content of nodes can be made to depend on data. The dependency is defined by maps and filters
  • Data fields of a node can be displayed in any order and size, containing any font
  • Bitmaps can be included in the data fields of a node
  • Nodes can be displayed in the TreeView style
  • Nodes can be arranged vertically, horiziontally or in a combined fashion for an optimum layout
  • The appearance of link lines can be defined
  • Subtrees can be collapsed and expanded
  • Single nodes and subtrees can be moved or copied by drag and drop
  • The control can be inserted into a HTML page to make it appear in a browser
  • Navigation is easy due to the integrated worldview
  • Diagrams can be exported to different formats: VMF, WMF, JPG, BMP, EPS, GIF, PCX, PNG, TIF
  • Integrated printing functionality with paging and page previews, title and legend
  • The property pages allow you to intuitively customize nearly every aspect of the component and the powerful API offers further options at run time