PDF Custom SDK(英語版)

Visual Integrity PDF Custom SDK gives object level control to developers. You can use it to programatically pre-process PDF files, extract specific objects from pages or change objects on a drawing before importing. The Custom API could also be used to add support for a proprietary or native format.

The Visual Integrity PDF Custom SDK gives discreet PDF level control to developers. It delivers an array of new possibilities for preprocessing PDF in your application or service.

For example, use the PDF Custom SDK to manipulate PDF files by extracting or searching for objects on a page. The Custom API can also be used to add direct support for your own format without a conversion step. In fact, for Open Design Alliance members, source code is included to create ODA OdDbDatabase in memory of a...


PDF Custom SDK 11.2019.12
PDF Custom SDK 11.2019.12
PDF Custom SDK 11.2019.2.0
PDF Custom SDK 11.2019.2.0

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Annual Subscription: The software is licensed per Project for use on a single machine only。 Distribution is not royalty-free。 You may distribute your software to the appropriate number of end-users as...


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