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Vizuly Radial Bar 2.1.207

1 Developer 1 Year of Updates and Premium Support Renewal

弊社パーツ番号 #: CSJ-555741-1173920

ライセンスと配送 ¥ 12,650 (税込) カートに追加

Extends your Updates and Premium Support for a further year.


After verification, you will receive an email confirming your new expiry date. You can download the latest version of the software from your account on the Vizuly web site. Orders are usually processed on the same business day within a few hours.

  • Vizuly Renewal Confirmation and New Expiry Date

Vizuly Radial Bar(英語版) のライセンス

Vizuly Developer Licensing

  • Developer License allows a single developer to use the Software on an unlimited number of websites, intranets, web applications and SaaS projects.
  • Developer License allows a single developer to use the Software on any web project hosted on Licensee’s own server or servers where they are paying for the usage.
  • Developer License allows a single developer to distribute the Software to their customers end-users servers. If the Licensee customers wish to develop and/or modify any of the Vizuly components, these customers will need to purchase their own Vizuly Developer license.
  • All Vizuly Developer Licenses come with 12 months of product upgrades if the licensed product is updated within that time Period. Additionally each Vizuly Developer License comes with 12 months of premium email support with 24 hour response time.