XLL Plus for Visual Studio 2010 について

C/C++ を使ってExcelアドインを作成。

XLL+ は Excel アドオンライブラリの構築でC / C++ プログラマーを支援するためのツールキットです。XLL+ は高性能な Excel アドインを作り出すことが非常に容易で、そして安全なツールと C++ クラス・ライブラリを持っています。XLL+クラス・ライブラリが簡単にMicrosoft Excel SDK をラップし、直観的な C++ クラスとウィザーズですべてのコードを作ります。ユーザーはExcelあるいは SDK の知識を少ししか必要としません。Visual Basic コードを含んでいない XLL+ で作り出された アドインで、Cと C++ によって完全に動作します。

About XLL+

XLL+ is a toolkit to aid C/C++ programmers in the construction of Excel add-in libraries. If you write add-ins for Excel in C++, then you should be using XLL+. The toolkit helps you with all aspects of creating and maintaining an Excel add-in.

Why use it?

Many programmers who write add-in functions for Excel prefer to do so completely in C or C++ rather than in Visual Basic, for any number of good reasons, including speed, stability and skills. The Microsoft Excel SDK is the only means of doing this without writing Visual Basic code.

XLL+ provides a set of development tools that let the programmer instantly make use of the Excel SDK. The XLL+ toolkit hides the complexity of the SDK environment and allows programmers and designers to concentrate on their core skills, whether these be in financial modeling, in communications, in engineering or elsewhere.

The XLL+ AppWizard generates a DevStudio project containing all the source code for the framework of an XLL add-in. All the programmer needs to do is write the add-in functions themselves.

The XLL+ Function Wizard generates code to register add-in functions with Excel correctly, and to translate data from Excel data structures into standard variables and STL containers.

A class library wraps the Microsoft Excel SDK with simple, intuitive C++ classes. These let you pass data back and forth without needing to learn about the SDK data structures. They also invisibly manage all the memory issues associated with sharing data with Excel.

Users of XLL+ can produce a functioning Excel add-in library in seconds, and start to add useful functions in minutes.