xSQL Software Data Compare for SQL Server v11.1.0.0

Released: Apr 23, 2020

v11.1.0.0 での更新項目


  • Adds support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication for SQL Server, the comparison tools now support:
    • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integrated Authentication.
    • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Password Authentication.
  • New Data Differences Reports.
  • Support for graph tables and edge constraints.
  • Synchronizing data changes that do not allow updates: Data compare can synchronize changes between tables, which, for various reasons, do not support updates. An identity column, that is not part of the data key, is one example. Data Compare can scan the database tables for these cases and adjust the script automatically to accommodate them.
  • Using delete/insert instead of updates: Data compare adds a new option that allows you to synchronize data changes using inserts/deletes instead of updates. This could prove useful for databases that do not permit or "prefer" updates, such as databases containing financial data.
  • Improved mapping: Data compare contains an improved mapping functionally, which handles duplicated objects better than the previous versions. Duplicates are logged and reported, instead of aborting the entire operation.