xSQL Software Schema Compare for SQL Server v11.1.0.0

Released: Apr 23, 2020

v11.1.0.0 での更新項目


  • Adds support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication for SQL Server, the comparison tools now support:
    • Azure Active Directory Integrated Authentication.
    • Azure Active Directory Password Authentication.
  • New Schema Differences Reports.
  • Support for graph tables and edge constraints.
  • New schema options for CLR assemblies on SQL Server 2017.
  • Support for Azure External Users: Schema compare now supports external users on Azure SQL Databases. This includes both the external users and the external groups.
  • Check constraint mappings: Previous versions of the schema compare mapped the check constraints by name or by the column on which the constraint is defined. This feature however was supported for check constraints on a single column. Version 11 removes this limitation and supports the column-mapping for composite check constraints on multiple columns.
  • Unique constraint mappings: Schema compare now supports mapping of unique constraints based on their columns, in addition to mapping by name. Unique constraints mapped by columns do not trigger a schema difference if their name is different.


  • Unique constraint on user-defined table types: Schema compare fixes an issue with the unique constraints on user-defined table types. The table type is no longer flagged as different when the constraints on the source and target database have a different name, since the name of these constraints can’t be scripted in this case.
  • IGNORE_DUP_KEY index option on in-memory table types: Schema compare fixes an issue with the IGNORE_DUP_KEY option for indexes created on in-memory table types. This option is omitted since it is not supported by Microsoft SQL Server.