CIRRUS SOFT - ベストセラー商品

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    リリースノート: Easily edit images from within SharePoint. Full control over your images including; layers, crop, resize, filters, frames, text, shapes and effects. Open, edit and save your Images from SharePoint or a local path. Any Images contained within a SharePoint ... 続きを読む

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    リリースノート: Create interactive images from within SharePoint. Polygon, Icon, Rectangle and Ellipse shapes. Read tooltip content from SharePoint Lists. Advanced drag-and-drop editor. Responsive and optimized for touchscreen. Save image maps for easy future editing ... 続きを読む

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    リリースノート: Save Word and Excel Documents as PDF files. Automatically create accompanying PDF documents. Save Word and Excel Documents as PDF files. Merge Rich Text field content. Merge with Related List/Merge Repeated Rows. Selection of locale. Set decimal places. ... 続きを読む

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    リリースノート: Adds new release for SharePoint 2016. Multiple ShortUrl’s to the same destination. Show/Hide ShortUrl Menus for specific group of users. ShortUrl Click Analytics/Tracking features. Select ShortUrl Redirect Type (301 or 307). New release for SharePoint ... 続きを読む この製品についてさらに結果を表示します。

  5. リリースノート: Updates in V8 New ShortUrl Priority Feature enables you to name the ShortUrl with the same name as an existing SharePoint link. If this feature is enabled it will redirect to the ShortUrl destination. This is useful for dead links that may be stored in a ... 続きを読む

  6. リリースノート: Updates in V7 Added the ability to create a ShortUrl in the Ribbon Menu. Added custom body/footer message when emailing a ShortUrl. ... 続きを読む