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  1. カスタマーレビュー: Amazing Suite of controls for the development of applications designed to handle data. We use it on daily basis since 2004 to develop both Desktop and Web applications. A special note to the Support team who would work fast to resolve any software bug in ... 続きを読む この製品についてさらに結果を表示します。

  2. カスタマーレビュー: 5 France ... 続きを読む

  3. カスタマーレビュー: 5 USA ... 続きを読む

  4. カスタマーレビュー: Primo spreadsheet for VB6 - still works with Windows 10 (May 2019) 5 USA ... 続きを読む この製品についてさらに結果を表示します。

  5. カスタマーレビュー: A very fully-featured and easy to implement component. The only things that prevent me from awarding 5-stars are: 1) There is very little documentation regarding use of the component from within a 64-bit program. 2) Having used the OCX version of the ... 続きを読む

  6. カスタマーレビュー: One of a kind !!!! There are so many feautures in the product that makes it COMPLETE for most of the programming needs that you can imagine... I found the variety of export type formats that I can send very useful. Also the object model is simpler than ... 続きを読む

  7. カスタマーレビュー: Excellent product. Allows end users to modify reports without installing additional products. Perhaps some limitations compared to other products. Factunet, a product of NETSISTEMAS.COM uses it, end users are thrilled with the possibilities ActiveReports ... 続きを読む この製品についてさらに結果を表示します。

  8. カスタマーレビュー: After struggling with VB6's built-in report generator, then a brief and frustrating fling with Crystal, I discovered Active Reports. It integrates seamlessly with VB6 and exposes events behind the report so that you can control the formatting ... 続きを読む

  9. カスタマーレビュー: I think the quality of this component is excellent, but it doesn’t have enough references and developers who know a lot about this component in Korea. I also regret that it doesn’t have manuals in Korean. I understand that it is difficult for authors to ... 続きを読む

  10. カスタマーレビュー: Overall a great tool for giving the querying power back to the user (without having to write a squillion queries). Of course DBA's will all scream because the user can do some stupid things... but hey, they pay the bills right? Schema designer ... 続きを読む

  11. カスタマーレビュー: The product is good and easy to use. However, the author's technical support's response is poor. jgyap 4 ... 続きを読む

  12. カスタマーレビュー: Great product. Designer similar to Access reports designer, but much, much richer. Very good exportation to HTML (drilled, paged) and PDF. Very flexible. Can set almost everything in code. Also very fast. The report is most of the time loaded in less then ... 続きを読む

  13. カスタマーレビュー: Our developers are aware of the issues that some customers have had using our components on Windows 95, and are working to resolve them. Typically, for older operating systems, there will be a few system files that need to be updated. Installing Internet ... 続きを読む この製品についてさらに結果を表示します。

  14. カスタマーレビュー: Do not use this product. The tech support has been very slow to get back to me and they are not addressing a serious issue. This product does not work on win95 period. I have repeating asked them what I can do to make it to work or if they are going to ... 続きを読む

  15. カスタマーレビュー: Our company has been using ComponentOne products for about 7 years now - mostly FlexGrid, vsPrinter and SizerOne (both in ActiveX and more recently the .NET versions). To be honest, they're not as good as they used to be! FlexGrid is definately the ... 続きを読む この製品についてさらに結果を表示します。

  16. カスタマーレビュー: My comments on the VS View Classic 8 (ActiveX) This is a satisfying product that has been well designed for Rapid Application Development with a reasonable file size. With this printing component, I managed to generate impressive reports (with pictures, ... 続きを読む

  17. カスタマーレビュー: I found the ComponentOne TrueData controls too buggy and unreliable. My code was filling up with 'fixes' to work around problems so their controls would work properly. After converting a DAO project to ADO, I found the ADO versions of the ... 続きを読む

  18. 10. List Pro(英語版) アーカイブ

    カスタマーレビュー: I have been a contractor and or employee doing VB development for over 25 years now. I came across ListPro as an alternative to the controls included with VB and would use nothing else. If I remeber correctly, I started using it almost 10-years ago and it ... 続きを読む この製品についてさらに結果を表示します。

  19. カスタマーレビュー: I have only tried the demo version so far but it does seem to be a vast improvement on the standard Microsoft data controls. 5 ... 続きを読む

  20. カスタマーレビュー: A well featured and robust product. Worth assessing when looking for a combobox that does it all. krp [Hampshire, United Kingdom] 5 ... 続きを読む