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    説明: Secure your disk from ransomware and other malware by substantially reducing your attack surface. InstallAware DiskZIP is the natural evolution of more than two decades of data compression expertise at InstallAware, now in the service of not only software ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Build and edit MSIX installation packages, even if you don't have their source. InstallAware MSIX Editor is a full featured IDE for Microsoft's MSIX package format. You can instantly load any existing MSIX package, browse its contents and edit ... 続きを読む

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    説明: A complete solution for enterprise reporting. Syncfusion Report Platform is built on the open Report Definition Language (RDL) specification used by products like Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. It includes an intuitive drag-and-drop-powered ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Bring data from any source together. Syncfusion Data Integration Platform provides an intuitive visual interface for integrating and transforming data from various sources into analytics-ready data. The transformed data can then be easily used for data ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Create, manage, and share interactive business dashboards with a single end-to-end solution. Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is an enterprise-grade platform that includes a powerful dashboard designer application for easily composing dashboards as well as a ... 続きを読む

  6. リリースノート: All of Syncfusion's user interface, reporting, and business intelligence components and libraries in one comprehensive suite. Latest Service Pack release. Syncfusion has released a Service Pack update across their Essential Studio product range. ... 続きを読む

  7. リリースノート: PDF Viewer adds support for finding text in a specific page. PdfViewerControl Support has been added for finding text in a specific page using the PdfLoadedDocument. AutoLabel Now, the AutoLabel position is matched between design time and compile time. ... 続きを読む

  8. リリースノート: PDF Viewer add support for loading custom stamps from external objects. PdfViewerControl Show or hide the form data icon from the left pane using FormSettings. Load custom stamps from external objects. Find text in a specific page using the ... 続きを読む

  9. リリースノート: Improves ComboBox, DataForm and ListView controls. SfComboBox Automation Id support. SfDataForm Customize the editor background color of dataform floating label layouts using the ContainerBackgroundColor property of SfDataForm or TextInputLayoutSettings. ... 続きを読む

  10. リリースノート: Spreadsheet adds support for exporting custom date format. Spreadsheet Provided export support for custom format (“m/d/yyyy h:mm:ss tt”). Provided custom format(“(#,##0);#,##0”) support. DocIO The ArgumentOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown while ... 続きを読む