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  1. 1. Muhimbi PDF Converter Services アーカイブ

    ブランド: Muhimbi
    カテゴリー: PDFコンポーネント

    説明: Server side PDF conversion of Office documents using Java and .NET compatible Web Services. Muhimbi PDF Converter Services is a server based SDK that allows software developers to convert typical Office files to PDF format using a robust and scalable Web ... 続きを読む

  2. 説明: Reduce URL length using the URL Shortener for SharePoint. Muhimbi URL Shortener for SharePoint makes it easy to share long and complex web addresses via email, verbally over the phone and social media platforms such as Twitter by reducing the number of ... 続きを読む

  3. 説明: Write C# or VB code directly in your SharePoint Designer WorkFlow. Muhimbi Workflow Power Pack for SharePoint allows custom C# or VB.NET code to be embedded in SharePoint Designer Workflows without the need to resort to complex Visual Studio based ... 続きを読む

  4. 説明: Convert Office documents to PDF from within SharePoint. Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint allows end-users to convert, split, merge, OCR, watermark and secure common document types such as MS-Word, InfoPath, MSG/EML (email), AutoCAD, Excel, HTML, ... 続きを読む