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    説明: 1明細の複数行表示をコーディングレスで開発できるクリッドコントロール。 フリーレイアウトグリッドは、ドラッグ&ドロップでコントロールを配置することができ、実行時にも列移動させることが可能です。 またアクセスのような帳票型のフォームとしてもお使い頂けます。デザイン可能なすべてのコンポーネントをヘッダ・明細・フッタに配置することが可能です。 これにより、予め定められた表示形式のみの制約から開放され、フリーレイアウトグリッドを採用したアプリケーションは ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Create a full featured service in minutes using .NET, even debug your service using the .NET environment. Although the .NET framework supports the creation of simple services, the NT Service Toolkit allows you to create more robust and complex services in ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Create and manage temporary web links for downloads. OneTimeDownload-5M allows developers to create links to a web site. In using these links, the end user can download software files. These temporary links (URL's) are active for a limited amount of ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Write better .NET code in VB .NET, C# and other .NET languages. StateCoder is a .NET class framework that makes it easy to create and support state machines using VB .NET or C#. State machines reflect a design pattern that can result in dramatic code ... 続きを読む

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    説明: All of Desaware's .NET components, with full source code. Desaware’s Universal .NET is a comprehensive suite of components for .NET solution providers which also contains the source code for the nine individual products included: SpyWorks ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Add line and scatter plot graphs to your ASP.NET applications. LineGraph-5M is a Web Custom Control that allows you to add Line and Scatter Plot graphs to your ASP.NET pages. It can create graphs with an absolute minimum of effort, yet contains enough ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Managed Code INI File Component. INIFileTool-5M makes it easy for you to read and write INI files from your .NET applications or web applications. Not only does it avoid the need for API calls, but more important, it is a 100% managed code solution that ... 続きを読む

  8. 説明: Add a cryptographic licensing system to your .NET apps. The Desaware Licensing System is a cryptographic based licensing system for .NET. Designed for per server/machine and component licensing, it is extremely easy to use and can be configured for both ... 続きを読む

  9. 9. VIBlend WPF Controls アーカイブ

    ブランド: VIBlend

    説明: Collection of .NET WPF User Interface components. VIBlend WPF Controls includes, WPF Data Grid, WPF Input Controls and WPF Navigation Bars. VIBlend WPF Controls is a feature complete collection of WPF components for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio ... 続きを読む

  10. 10. VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight アーカイブ

    ブランド: VIBlend

    説明: Flexible Silverlight data grid for professional RIA development. VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight is a fully functional OLAP grid for Silverlight. It brings together the features of traditional data grid controls, hierarchical grids and Excel-like pivot ... 続きを読む