Visual Studio 2010 / Keyoti

  1. リリースノート: Adds .NET Core 3 support. Added .NET Core 3 support - reference Keyoti.RapidSpell.NETCore.dll in your .NET Core 3+ projects and license by calling Keyoti.RapidSpell.CoreLicensing.SetLicenseKey("<license key>");. ComboBox support added, ... 続きを読む

  2. リリースノート: Includes ASP.NET Core support, Dict Manager updates, plus event hook ups for keypress and input. Added ASP.NET Core support with new DLL. Updated Dict Manager. Added ability to set field labels for the dialog checker with JS mode usage, see Dialog page in ... 続きを読む

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    説明: Add dialog spell checking to your Silverlight applications (SL v3, v4 and Windows Phone 7). RapidSpell Silverlight supports plain text boxes, rich text boxes (SL v4) and 3rd party controls. RapidSpell Silverlight includes 2 spelling controls; ... 続きを読む

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    説明: As-you-type and dialog spell checking for WPF applications. RapidSpell WPF can be added to any application to provide a fully independent and highly customizable spell checking control. RapidSpell WPF can also be used in non GUI contexts using its spell ... 続きを読む

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    説明: ASP.NET search engine component for Web applications and sites. Keyoti SearchUnit Pro is an index based search engine control for ASP.NET web applications, written in .NET. the SearchUnit design is fully customizable through the use of templates. Keyoti ... 続きを読む

  6. 説明: Add an index based search engine control to your ASP.NET web applications. SearchUnit Lite is entirely designer based and easy to configure and deploy. It's design is fully customizable through it's use of templates. It is simple to use, being ... 続きを読む