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    リリースノート: MP-2547, MP-2586: Memory dump analyser no longer crashes when inspecting an instance of the class containing private fields with the same name as its base class. MP-2574: After opening a memory dump, a New Profiling Session button will correctly display ... 続きを読む

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    リリースノート: Adds support of equality operators for tuples comparison. Supports equality operators for the tuples comparison. A warning will be shown when "Go To Decompiled Definition" is not possible for selected code in .NET Reflector VS Extension. RP-4180 ... 続きを読む

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    リリースノート: Supports equality operators for the tuples comparison. RP-4180: Fixed misinterpreted increment and decrement operators. RP-4191: Fixed invalid order of expressions. RP-4195: Exception handler range is now respected in all cases, preventing unrelated code ... 続きを読む

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    説明: The complete .NET toolkit for rapidly creating high quality software. Red Gate .NET Toolbelt is the complete set of Red Gate Software's .NET developer tools. It provides you and your .NET development team with everything you need to rapidly write, ... 続きを読む

  5. 説明: Develop and deploy databases in Visual Studio with migration scripts. ReadyRoll brings Dev and Ops together, allowing users to develop and deploy SQL Server databases in Visual Studio with a migrations-based approach. It generates numerically ordered SQL ... 続きを読む

  6. 説明: Optimize .NET application performance and speed up development. Red Gate .NET Development Suite is a collection of six tools that enable you to rapidly build, optimize, and debug .NET applications, as well as speed up development in Visual Studio by ... 続きを読む

  7. 説明: Continuous compilation in Visual Studio. .NET Demon compiles your code continuously, so you see errors as soon as they are introduced. The list of errors in your solution is always up to date, you can quickly see the overall status of your solution in the ... 続きを読む

  8. 説明: Debug third-party code, even if you don't have the source. .NET Reflector saves time and simplifies development by letting you see and debug into the source of all the .NET code you work with. Follow bugs through your own code, third-party components ... 続きを読む

  9. 説明: Speed up .NET and database development in Visual Studio. Rad Gate VS Productivity Pack contains four tools that remove the tedium from everyday tasks in Visual Studio. It will help you make better use of your time in Visual Studio, cutting time spent on ... 続きを読む