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  1. 説明: Automatically format text for display and/or exporting. VSVIEW allows you to format text into multiple columns for table creation, including adding header, footers, text boxes, borders, and word wrapping. You can render pictures, embed RTF strings, and ... 続きを読む

  2. 説明: Create Microsoft Access-style database reports for your Visual Basic, VC++, Delphi, and C++Builder applications. ComponentOne's VSVIEW Reporting Edition adds powerful, flexible database reporting to VSVIEW. It comes complete with preview, print, and ... 続きを読む

  3. 説明: Create browser-independent, dynamic charts for Active Server Pages (ASP). ComponentOne WebChart is an enterprise charting tool that allows you to develop charts or graphs and serve them as JPEG or PNG files to any browser. You can also serve the charts as ... 続きを読む

  4. 説明: Create fully customized active buttons and toolbars as well as custom-shaped containers. Button Objx is an ActiveX component designed to replace the Windows button component to create visually enhanced buttons. It allows you to dynamically change pictures ... 続きを読む

  5. 25. Calendar Objx(英語版) アーカイブ

    ブランド: GrapeCity

    説明: Display or select date and/or time values in your application. Calendar Objx is an ActiveX component that allows you to create calendar and scheduling applications that can be bound to external databases. It includes Daily PlanIt to provide complete ... 続きを読む

  6. 説明: Add Data Input, ListBox, ComboBox and Spreadsheet functionality to your windows applications. Enterprise Database Pack contains: Input Pro to create professional data entry screens with input masking, List Pro which provides robust ListBoxes and ... 続きを読む

  7. 説明: Add Button, Calendar, Data Input, ListBox, Spreadsheet and Tab functionality to your windows applications. Enterprise Developers Toolbox contains all FarPoint COM technologies products like FarPoint Spread 8, FarPoint List Pro, Calendar Objx, Input Pro, ... 続きを読む

  8. 28. Input Pro(英語版) アーカイブ

    ブランド: GrapeCity

    説明: Create professional data entry screens with input masking. InputPro provides six formatted edit components to validate data and alert your user as they enter information or as the application programmatically assigns or edits values. It includes controls ... 続きを読む

  9. 29. List Pro(英語版) アーカイブ

    説明: Provide robust ListBoxes and ComboBoxes to your application. List Pro features extensive properties that enable you to display information in single or multiple columns, search and sort list items, merge cells, and more. List Pro features many enhanced ... 続きを読む

  10. 30. Tab Pro(英語版) アーカイブ

    ブランド: GrapeCity
    カテゴリー: タブコンポーネント

    説明: Add organized and professional user interfaces to your Windows applications. Tab Pro is an ActiveX tab component for displaying multiple pages of data within a tabbed interface. It includes seven appearance styles and numerous features for customizing ... 続きを読む