5月 1, 2024
XMLSpy 2024 Release 2では YAMLに対応。複数のツールを切り替える必要がなくなるため、時間の節約と生産性を向上。


Altova XMLSpy is a leading XML editor and integrated development environment (IDE) designed for creating and manipulating XML-based applications. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for working with XML, JSON, XBRL, schemas, transformations, web services, and more. XMLSpy empowers developers to visually design schemas, edit and debug code, generate code from schemas, and leverage functionalities like AI-assisted editing and debugging for enhanced productivity.

XMLSpy 2024 Release 2 now allows developers to edit, validate, and convert YAML files directly within the familiar XML and JSON editing environment. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools, streamlining the workflow. These YAML capabilities include syntax highlighting and well-formedness checking for clear editing, seamless conversion between YAML, JSON, and XML for smooth data exchange, and robust validation against JSON Schemas for ensuring data integrity.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2024 Release 2, see our release notes.

Altova XMLSpy is licensed per Installed, Concurrent or Named user. Licenses are perpetual, and come with or without 1 year Support and Maintenance Package (SMP). See our Altova XMLSpy licensing page for full details.

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