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Present Visually Grouped Information as Cards

5月 17, 2024
Actipro Avalonia UI Pro 24.1.0 adds a new Card control that offers a clear way to display grouped cover, thumbnail, header, and footer sections.

Actipro Avalonia UI Pro is a suite of professionally designed UI controls, themes, and components specifically built for the Avalonia UI framework. It empowers developers to craft beautiful, modern cross-platform applications while leveraging their existing C# and WPF skills. Actipro offers a range of controls from essential navigation and data visualization components to advanced charting and scheduling features, all adhering to its signature high-quality design and seamless integration with Avalonia.

The Actipro Avalonia UI Pro 24.1.0 update introduces the Card control, designed to present information about a single subject in a visually grouped and actionable way. This control offers flexibility through optional cover, thumbnail, header, and footer sections, allowing developers to effectively organize content within the card. Additionally, cards can be made interactive, enabling users to directly engage with the presented information.

To see a full list of what's new in 24.1.0, see our release notes.

Actipro Avalonia UI Pro is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual license with 1 year support and maintenance. See our Actipro Avalonia UI Pro licensing page for full details.

Learn more on our Actipro Avalonia UI Pro product page.

Create Visually Engaging Content with Rich Text

5月 17, 2024
Angular UI suites with rich text support empower users to create visually appealing, informative content with features like lists and tables.

Rich text functionality in Angular UI suites empowers developers to create applications where users can format and style text directly, fostering a more engaging and user-friendly experience for content creation and editing tasks. They offer a user-friendly interfaces for formatting, adding visual elements like images, and structuring content with features like lists and tables.

Several Angular UI suites offer Rich Text functionality, including:

  • DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress empowers Angular apps with rich text editing and image insertion.
  • Kendo UI by Telerik enables you to craft engaging content directly within your Angular applications with rich formatting tools.
  • SmartClient by Isomorphic Software facilitates comprehensive text formatting including font, size, color, and alignment within its rich text component.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise offers a rich set of formatting options and intuitive image integration for Angular rich text editing.

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Display Trends Alongside the Corresponding Data

5月 17, 2024
Adding sparklines to your grids helps users identify patterns across rows and columns, leading to fast, insightful analysis of large datasets.

Sparklines are miniature charts embedded directly within grid cells, providing a quick visual summary of data trends within a larger dataset. These tiny line graphs, often lacking axes or detailed labels, condense information into a highly space-efficient format, allowing viewers to grasp patterns and fluctuations at a glance across multiple rows and columns of a grid.

Several Vue.js grid controls offer support for sparklines including:

  • Kendo UI for Vue Grid (part of Kendo UI by Telerik) empowers developers to integrate insightful sparklines within Vue grids, offering a concise view of data trends.
  • Wijmo FlexGrid (part of Wijmo by MESCIUS) facilitates data exploration through sparklines embedded directly in cells, enhancing visual analysis without overwhelming users.
  • Jspreadsheet Pro Data Grid offers a robust data manipulation platform, where sparklines can be incorporated into cells to visually represent data trends.
  • Smart HTML Elements Grid allows developers to seamlessly integrate sparklines into grids, enabling users to gain quick insights from data fluctuations.
  • Syncfusion Grid control for JavaScript (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) lets you leverage sparklines for efficient data pattern recognition within the grid.

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Help Users Find Information with PDF Search

5月 17, 2024
Choose a PDF component with built-in search support to enhance accessibility, increase engagement, and improve user experience.

Incorporating a PDF component with search functionality into your application offers significant advantages. Users can locate specific information within complex documents with ease, streamlining their experience and enhancing productivity. This translates to a more user-friendly and efficient app, reducing frustration and allowing users to find what they need quickly, without the needing to install additional software.

Several WPF PDF Viewer controls allow you to search for text in PDF files including:

  • DevExpress WPF PDF Viewer enables in-application text search for PDFs, highlighting matches and navigating for efficient information retrieval.
  • Telerik UI PDF for WPF can effortlessly search PDFs for keywords and phrases, highlighting results for quick information retrieval.
  • PDFView4NET WPF Edition by O2 Solutions facilitates searching for text within PDF documents, offering both user-driven search bars and programmatic control for integration.
  • Syncfusion WPF PDF provides text search functionality including highlighting matches and programmatic search options.

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Preserve Built-in and User-Defined Styles as CSS

5月 17, 2024
GroupDocs.Editor for Java 24.4 adds the ability to preserve and store built-in and user-defined styles as CSS rulesets in an external stylesheet.

GroupDocs.Editor for Java is a document editing library that lets you integrate rich editing functionalities into your Java applications. It works by converting various document formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations into editable HTML. This allows you to leverage any external HTML editor, be it open-source or commercial, for in-app document editing. After edits are made in the HTML, GroupDocs.Editor can save them back to the original format or even convert them to different file types.

The GroupDocs.Editor for Java V24.4 release introduces a new forward conversion mode for Word Processing documents. When converting original documents such as DOCX to HTML, all built-in and user-defined styles are preserved and stored as CSS rulesets in an external stylesheet. This enhancement allows users to manipulate, edit, and apply these styles directly within the external WYSIWYG editor, facilitating a seamless document editing experience.

To see a full list of what's new in V24.4, see our release notes.

GroupDocs.Editor for Java is offered as Developer Small Business, Developer OEM, Site Small Business, and Site OEM licenses catering to a range of business needs. Licenses are perpetual, and include 1 year of support and maintenance. Subscription renewals are also available. See our GroupDocs.Editor for Java licensing page for full details.

GroupDocs.Editor for Java is available in the following products: