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Create Visually Engaging Content with Rich Text

5月 17, 2024
Angular UI suites with rich text support empower users to create visually appealing, informative content with features like lists and tables.

Rich text functionality in Angular UI suites empowers developers to create applications where users can format and style text directly, fostering a more engaging and user-friendly experience for content creation and editing tasks. They offer a user-friendly interfaces for formatting, adding visual elements like images, and structuring content with features like lists and tables.

Several Angular UI suites offer Rich Text functionality, including:

  • DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress empowers Angular apps with rich text editing and image insertion.
  • Kendo UI by Telerik enables you to craft engaging content directly within your Angular applications with rich formatting tools.
  • SmartClient by Isomorphic Software facilitates comprehensive text formatting including font, size, color, and alignment within its rich text component.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise offers a rich set of formatting options and intuitive image integration for Angular rich text editing.

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Display Trends Alongside the Corresponding Data

5月 17, 2024
Adding sparklines to your grids helps users identify patterns across rows and columns, leading to fast, insightful analysis of large datasets.

Sparklines are miniature charts embedded directly within grid cells, providing a quick visual summary of data trends within a larger dataset. These tiny line graphs, often lacking axes or detailed labels, condense information into a highly space-efficient format, allowing viewers to grasp patterns and fluctuations at a glance across multiple rows and columns of a grid.

Several Vue.js grid controls offer support for sparklines including:

  • Kendo UI for Vue Grid (part of Kendo UI by Telerik) empowers developers to integrate insightful sparklines within Vue grids, offering a concise view of data trends.
  • Wijmo FlexGrid (part of Wijmo by MESCIUS) facilitates data exploration through sparklines embedded directly in cells, enhancing visual analysis without overwhelming users.
  • Jspreadsheet Pro Data Grid offers a robust data manipulation platform, where sparklines can be incorporated into cells to visually represent data trends.
  • Smart HTML Elements Grid allows developers to seamlessly integrate sparklines into grids, enabling users to gain quick insights from data fluctuations.
  • Syncfusion Grid control for JavaScript (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) lets you leverage sparklines for efficient data pattern recognition within the grid.

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5月 15, 2024


CSV export functionality in Angular chart components enables users to download the data represented in chart form as a CSV (comma-separated values) file directly from Angular-based web applications. This feature is particularly useful for developers who need to provide end-users with the flexibility to manipulate, analyze, or store chart data independently from the web interface. By integrating CSV export, applications can enhance data accessibility and user satisfaction, allowing for data transfer and offline analysis. This functionality also supports better data management practices and can be vital in environments where data needs to be shared across different platforms or systems, thereby increasing the interoperability and practical utility of the application.

Several Angular chart controls offer export to CSV including:

  • Highcharts Core by Highsoft enables easy data export to CSV, enhancing data portability for diverse analytical applications.
  • FusionCharts Suite XT offers intuitive CSV exporting, allowing data interchange and offline analysis from rich visualizations.
  • amCharts: Charts facilitates CSV downloads directly from interactive charts, simplifying data manipulation and external reporting.
  • AnyChart JS allows users to easily export chart data into CSV format, optimizing data accessibility and cross-platform usage.
  • JSCharting provides efficient CSV export capabilities, enabling quick data extraction and utilization from sophisticated visual representations.

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5月 14, 2024
LightningChart JS v5.2.0ではツリーマップグラフが追加され、JavaScript開発者は階層情報をネストされた長方形として表示可能


LightningChart JS is a high-performance JavaScript charting library that utilizes WebGL rendering and GPU acceleration to deliver exceptional performance for a wide range of data visualization needs. It is designed to handle large datasets and complex visualizations with ease, enabling developers to create interactive and visually appealing charts for various applications.

The LightningChart JS v5.2.0 update adds Treemap charts with built-in drill-down functionality, enabling developers to visualize hierarchical data within nested rectangles representing larger or smaller values, depending on their size. This simplifies the complexities involved in understanding large datasets by providing a clear and immediate visual hierarchy of data categories and their relative importance, with the ability to display more depth. This is particularly useful in scenarios such as financial analysis, asset distribution, and organizational structure mapping, where understanding the proportionate distribution of data elements is crucial.

To see a full list of what's new in v5.2.0, see our release notes.

LightningChart JS is licensed based on method of deployment with options including SaaS Developer Licenses, Application Developer Licenses, and Publisher Developer Licenses. Each license is perpetual and includes 1 year subscription for technical support and software updates. See our LightningChart JS licensing page for full details.

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5月 14, 2024
IntegralUI Web 24.1では、平均、カウント、最大、最小、合計などの一般的な計算をグリッド内で直接実行可能


IntegralUI Web by Lidor Systems is a library that offers over 50 pre-built web UI components and services designed to streamline the development process for web applications. Compatible with JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue.js, it provides functionalities like data manipulation, drag-and-drop interactions, and theming, allowing developers to build feature-rich and visually appealing web interfaces efficiently.

In version 24.1, the grid component now boasts built-in aggregate functions, simplifying data analysis. Users can easily calculate average (AVG), count (COUNT), maximum (MAX), minimum (MIN), and sum (SUM) for numeric columns directly within the grid. These aggregate values can be accessed programmatically to display them in the grid or used for further calculations in your application.

To see a full list of what's new in version 24.1, see our release notes.

IntegralUI Web is licensed per developer and is available as a perpetual license with either Basic, Standard or Premium support and maintenance. See our IntegralUI Web Licensing page for full details.

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