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12月 4, 2023


A color picker is a graphical tool that allows users to select colors from a palette or by adjusting different color parameters. Color pickers are commonly found in graphics software, web development tools, and design applications. They are used to ensure accurate and visually appealing color choices in various creative and technical projects. Color pickers provide an intuitive way to select precise colors, commonly by using sliders for RGB values or hex codes.

Several Vue.js data editor collections provide color pickers including:

  • DevExtreme Complete Data Editors (part of DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress) offers a user-friendly interface for selecting colors, including predefined color palettes.
  • Wijmo Input and Editors (part of Wijmo by MESCIUS) provides a comprehensive color selection experience with features like color sliders and color swatches.
  • Kendo UI for Vue Data Editors (part of Kendo UI by Telerik) delivers a customizable color picker solution with options for popup placement, palette customization, and accessibility support.
  • jQWidgets Data Editors (part of jQWidgets) features a versatile color selection mechanism with support for various color formats and color presets.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Data Editors (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) offers a rich set of color selection capabilities, including color sliders and color eyedroppers.

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11月 30, 2023


A masked text box is a data editor that requires the user to input data in a specific format. This control is particularly useful in forms where consistency and accuracy of data are critical, such as phone numbers or social security numbers. The mask ensures that the input conforms to a predefined pattern, reducing errors and streamlining data entry processes.

Several WPF data editor components provide masked input text boxes including:

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11月 27, 2023


Rich Text Format (RTF) editors allow users to create and edit text with a variety of formatting options, such as font styles, colors, headings, lists, and images. Often used in web and desktop applications, such editors provide a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, so users can see how their text will look as they format it. This allows formatted editing without the complexity of HTML markup or the need for separate word processing software.

Several Angular data editor collections provide RTF editing capabilities including:

  • DevExtreme Complete Data Editors (part of DevExtreme by DevExpress) empowers your Angular apps with rich text editing capabilities, including formatting options and image insertion.
  • Kendo UI for Angular Data Editors (part of Kendo UI by Telerik) helps users craft engaging content directly within your Angular applications, featuring comprehensive formatting tools and seamless integration.
  • Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript Data Editors (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) offers a rich array of formatting options and intuitive image integration.
  • jQWidgets Data Editors (part of jQWidgets) provides extensive formatting controls, image insertion and link embedding functionalities.
  • SmartClient Data Editors (part of SmartClient by Isomorphic Software) features comprehensive text formatting tools including font type and size, text color and alignment.

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Vue.js を使用したテキストボックスへのオートコンプリートの追加

7月 5, 2023


Autocompletion provides suggestions to users while they type, based on previously entered or predefined values. This enhances the user experience and reduces typing efforts, leading to improved user satisfaction and data quality.

Here are some examples of Vue.js data editor controls that support autocompletion in text boxes:

  • jQWidgets Data Editors provides feature-rich data editors, including text boxes with autocompletion. With Vue.js integration, users can enjoy intuitive data entry with suggested values, increasing productivity.
  • SmartClient Data Editors by Isomorphic Software offers robust Text editors with autocompletion for Vue.js, delivering an optimized user interface for data input and retrieval.

Alternatively, many data editor components are available as part of larger component suites:

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.NET 7 WinForms を使用したコンボ ボックスのデータ検証

6月 21, 2023


Data validation in ComboBox controls ensures the selected value meets specific criteria or constraints. It involves validating user input against predefined rules such as required selection, range checks, or custom validation logic. By validating the data, ComboBox editors help maintain data integrity and enhance the accuracy and reliability of user input.

Here are some examples of .NET 7 WinForms data editors collections that support data validation in combo boxes:

  • DevExpress WinForms Data Editors (part of DevExpress WinForms) provides ComboBox editors with built-in data validation capabilities, including required field validation, range checks, and custom validation logic.
  • Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Data Editors (part of Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms) offers ComboBox editors that support data validation, allowing developers to enforce rules and constraints on user input.
  • ComponentOne WinForms Input and Editors (part of ComponentOne Studio WinForms by GrapeCity) includes ComboBox editors with validation features, enabling developers to validate selected values based on specified criteria.
  • Telerik UI for WinForms Data Editors (part of Telerik UI for WinForms) contains ComboBox editors with comprehensive data validation options, allowing developers to validate user selections against defined rules.

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