4月 9, 2024


SpreadJS is a complete enterprise JavaScript spreadsheet solution used to create financial reports and dashboards, budgeting and forecasting models, scientific, engineering, healthcare, education, science lab notebooks, and other similar JavaScript business applications. Leverage the high-speed calculation engine with over 500 Excel built-in functions in 19 languages, to deliver true Excel-like spreadsheet experiences with zero dependencies on Excel. Fully customize your application’s needs with SpreadJS’s optional deployment add-on components for Pivot Tables UI, and an Excel-like Designer ribbon, allowing your users to perform complex interactive analysis and data visualization.

MESCIUS has created a brief but informative video blog that highlights the functionality of these powerful add-ons:

  • Designer Ribbon - for seamless toolbar integration
  • PivotTable - for robust data analysis
  • GanttSheet - for project management
  • ReportSheet - for easy report design

View the Video Blog and learn how to effortlessly upgrade your JavaScript spreadsheets.

SpreadJS is licensed per developer and includes 1 Year Maintenance (major and minor version releases and unlimited support phone calls). SpreadJS requires an Annual or Perpetual Deployment License. The optional Add-ons are available at an additional cost, and require a SpreadJS license. See our SpreadJS licensing page for full details.

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4月 4, 2024


.NET spreadsheet controls with built-in pivot table functionality empower developers to seamlessly integrate robust data analysis into their applications. This feature allows users to effortlessly rearrange and aggregate large datasets, gaining insights through customizable views without modifying the original data. Pivot tables streamline decision-making by simplifying complex tasks like sorting, filtering, and visualizing information, ultimately enhancing the usability and effectiveness of these spreadsheet applications.

Several .NET Spreadsheet controls support pivot tables including:

  • DevExpress WPF Spreadsheet (part of DevExpress WPF) offers advanced pivot table functionality for dynamic data analysis, enhancing usability and decision-making.
  • Document Solutions for Excel, .NET Edition by MESCIUS enables seamless integration of pivot tables into .NET applications for efficient data summarization and analysis tasks.
  • Aspose.Cells for .NET provides robust pivot table functionality, allowing developers to efficiently summarize and analyze large datasets within their .NET applications.
  • EPPlus empowers developers with pivot table capabilities in Excel files, facilitating dynamic data analysis within .NET applications effortlessly.

For an in-depth analysis of features and price, visit our comparison of .NET Spreadsheet Controls.

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3月 22, 2024
Document Solutions for Excel APIは、組み込みのExcel関数による高度なデータ分析で.NETアプリケーションを強化


Document Solutions for Excel, .NET Edition (DsExcel, previously GcExcel) is a high-speed, small-footprint, server-side spreadsheet API that requires no dependencies on Excel. With full .NET support, you can generate, load, modify, and convert spreadsheets in .NET, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, and Xamarin. Apps using the spreadsheet API can be deployed to cloud, Windows, Mac, or Linux. Its powerful calculation engine and breadth of features means you'll never have to compromise design or requirements. The interface-based API is modeled on Microsoft Excel's document object model which means you can import, calculate, query, generate, and export any spreadsheet scenario.

Formulas and functions play an important role in data analysis. Microsoft Excel provides a range of functions that simplify the extraction of key metrics during data analysis. In this pair of blog posts from MESCIUS, Software Engineer Prabhat Sharma demonstrates how to use DsExcel to implement Excel functions and other Excel-like functionalities.

Part 1 of the blog shows you how to drill into sales data and integrate the following functions:

  • LOOKUP and Reference Functions
  • FILTER Function
  • TRANSPOSE Function

Part 2 of the blog digs into monthly budget data to show you how to use:

  • IF combined with AND/OR

Document Solutions for Excel is licensed per developer for either one distribution location or unlimited distribution locations. Licenses are perpetual, and include a one year subscription for all software releases (including hotfixes and major releases) plus Platinum Support. See our Document Solutions for Excel, .NET Edition licensing page for full details.

Learn more about Document Solutions for Excel, .NET Edition.


3月 21, 2024
LEADTOOLS v23では、評価の高いDocument SDKテクノロジーに基づいて構築された新しいExcel APIとExcel Web Editorを追加


LEADTOOLS Document Suite is a comprehensive set of powerful document imaging SDKs designed to facilitate document processing and management tasks within software applications. It offers developers advanced capabilities for tasks such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), barcode recognition, PDF manipulation, document conversion, annotation, and more. Leveraging this suite, developers can seamlessly integrate sophisticated document functionality into their software solutions, enabling efficient handling of various document formats and improving productivity in document-centric workflows.

The LEADTOOLS Document Suite SDK v23 update ushers in a new era of streamlined document management and enhanced productivity. The integration of the Excel API and Excel Web Editor empowers developers to seamlessly manipulate Microsoft Excel documents directly within their applications, regardless of platform. The Excel API offers programmatic control over Excel files, enabling efficient extraction, modification, and creation, while the Excel Web Editor fosters real-time collaborative editing within web applications. These powerful additions not only streamline document workflows but also equip developers with a comprehensive suite of Excel editing functionalities within the LEADTOOLS Document Suite ecosystem.

To see a full list of what's new in v23, see our release notes.

LEADTOOLS Document Suite SDK is licensed as Development Licenses, for developers to use the SDKs, and Deployment Licenses, for the right to distribute end user solutions. See our LEADTOOLS Document Suite SDK licensing page for full details.

Learn more on our LEADTOOLS Document Suite SDK product page.

データ検証を.NET 8スプレッドシートに追加

3月 21, 2024


Data validation is a crucial feature for maintaining the integrity of data within a spreadsheet. It restricts the type of data or the values that users can enter into a cell. For example, a cell can be configured to only accept dates or numbers within a certain range. This minimizes input errors and ensures that data adheres to specified parameters, which is particularly important in scenarios where spreadsheets are used for data entry by multiple users or when the data feeds into critical business processes.

Several .NET 8 spreadsheet products offer data validation, including:

  • DevExpress Office File API (Spreadsheet Document API) is a high performance API for managing spreadsheet data in Microsoft Excel documents, supporting .NET 8 and offering data validation functionality.
  • Telerik Spread Processing (part of the Telerik UI product range) is a document processing library that supports .NET 8 and streamlines spreadsheet management, enabling data validation to ensure compliant input.
  • Infragistics WinForms Spreadsheet (part of Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms) provides data validation features to ensure data accuracy in desktop .NET 8 spreadsheet applications.
  • IronXL by Iron Software is a C# library for working with Excel files, without requiring Microsoft Office or Excel Interop, that supports .NET 8 and offers data validation for controlling data types and values in Excel files.

For an in-depth analysis of features and price, visit our comparison of .NET 8 spreadsheet controls.

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