12月 6, 2023


Conditional formatting in grids allows users to apply visual styles to cells or ranges based on the data they contain. It enhances data readability and analysis by highlighting critical values, outliers, or trends in a data-driven manner. For instance, a cell might be colored red if it contains a value below a certain threshold, thereby drawing attention to potential issues.

Several WinForms grid components support conditional formatting including:

  • DevExpress WinForms Data Grid (part of DevExpress WinForms) enhances data visualization with rich conditional formatting rules including custom visual styles.
  • FlexGrid for WinForms (part of ComponentOne Studio WinForms by MESCIUS) enables conditional cell styles, visual indicators and data-driven formatting.
  • Infragistics WinDataGrid (part of Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms) includes sophisticated formatting rules, conditional cell backgrounds, and data-driven visual cues.
  • NOV Grid for .NET (part of Nevron Open Vision for .NET) provides custom formatting expressions, data-driven cell styles and conditional background colors.
  • Telerik UI for WinForms GridView offers rule-based cell formatting, visual indicators, and data-driven formatting logic.

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12月 5, 2023
Handsontable 14.0.0では、スクリーンリーダーのサポートが改善され、ナビゲーションをより直感的で包括的なものにするための新しいキーボードショートカットを追加


Handsontable is a JavaScript data grid component that provides a spreadsheet-like user experience for web applications. It allows developers to easily integrate data tables into their web pages, enabling users to manipulate data in a familiar and intuitive way.

Handsontable V14 now meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards, making it easier for people with disabilities to use the grid. This release also enhances screen reader compatibility by incorporating ARIA attributes into the HTML markup, ensuring seamless navigation for users of NVDA and JAWS on Windows, and VoiceOver on macOS.

To see a full list of what's new in version 14.0.0, see our release notes.

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11月 29, 2023
Isomorphic SoftwareのSmartClientを使用して、同じプロセスを何度も繰り返す代わりに、検索設定を保存


SmartClient is a comprehensive JavaScript component suite compatible with React, Vue, Angular, and more, that empowers you to craft large-scale, high-productivity Enterprise web applications. Its modern class system fosters clean encapsulation of application modules and screens, resulting in a more maintainable and comprehensible codebase.

In this blog post, Alex Fashakin demonstrates how to use SmartClient's built-in feature to save search preferences on grids. Steps include:

  • Creating the DataSource
  • Building the UI for the Saved Search feature
  • How to save searches on grids
  • Adding visible UI for storing search preferences

Read the complete blog to learn how to boost productivity with the SmartClient saved search feature.

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11月 27, 2023


Locked column functionality (also known as frozen or pinned column) allows users to keep one or more columns static while scrolling horizontally through a grid. This is an essential feature for comparing data across a wide grid, ensuring that key information, such as a row identifier column, remains in view.

Several React grid components offer column freezing functionality including:

  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Data Grid (part of DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress) can pin key columns for easy reference while scrolling through wide datasets.
  • Wijmo FlexGrid (part of Wijmo by MESCIUS) freezes columns to maintain the visibility of essential data during horizontal scrolling.
  • Ignite UI React Grid (part of Infragistics Ignite UI) keeps critical columns in view while scrolling horizontally through extensive data.
  • KendoReact Data Grid (part of KendoReact by Telerik) locks columns for persistent visibility when scrolling extensively across data.
  • Syncfusion Grid control for JavaScript (part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) freezes columns for continuous access to important data during horizontal scrolling.

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11月 21, 2023


Data Validation ensures that input data meets certain criteria before it is accepted. This feature is crucial for maintaining data integrity and preventing user errors. For example, a grid might only allow date formats in a specific cell or prevent duplicate entries in a column, thereby enforcing data consistency.

Several Angular grid controls offer data validation support including:

  • Handsontable: Enforce data type restrictions, limit text input length, and set custom validation rules.
  • Jspreadsheet Pro Data Grid: Validate data against regular expressions, define custom validation callbacks, and utilize cell-level validation.
  • DataViewsJS: Implement data validation using custom data binding expressions, conditional formatting, and error messages.
  • Xceed DataGrid for JavaScript: Leverage client-side and server-side validation mechanisms, including data type checks, range limitations, and custom rules.

Alternatively, many Angular grid controls are available as part of multi-function suites:

  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Data Grid: Employ built-in data validation rules, enforce data type constraints, and handle custom validation scenarios.
  • Kendo UI for Angular Grid: Define validation rules using directives, apply data type restrictions, and utilize asynchronous validation.
  • Ignite UI Angular Grid: Implement data validation using custom editors, leverage built-in validation rules, and handle error messages.
  • SmartClient Grid: Utilize comprehensive data validation features, including data type checks, custom validation rules, and error handling.

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