LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK v19

10月 05, 2016 - 15:58


  • Control H.264 Hardware Decoding - Computers with built-in hardware acceleration are a huge speed boost to any application, but can still cause bottlenecks in high-demand streaming situations. When serving content to multiple clients is the priority, LEADTOOLS can now disable hardware decoding of H.264 video and direct all hardware-accelerated resources towards H.264 encoding, resulting in faster delivery of video streams to clients.
  • Media Foundation Updates - Several transforms and core playback libraries within the Media Foundation toolkit were updated to allow playback from third-party streaming sources. In particular, streams generated from VLC can now be played and paused using the Media Foundation RTSP Media Source. Color conversion support was broadened to enable the playback and processing of a wider variety of videos in Windows 10.

LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK (英語版)

LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDKでプロ向けの高品質マルチメディアアプリケーションを作成。


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