DevExtreme Web 16.1.7

10月 13, 2016 - 15:53


Data Grid

  • An error row is duplicated if the dxDateBox datepicker has been opened.
  • dxDataGrid - A JavaScript error occurs on an attempt to select a row using two-way binding for the selectedRowKeys option if the key option is defined as an array.
  • dxDataGrid - A master-detail grid does not work when a row template is defined for a master row.
  • dxDataGrid - A row that is being validated is duplicated if validation fails and grouping is enabled.
  • dxDataGrid - An empty column appears on when moving columns to a column chooser.
  • dxDataGrid - Column headers are misaligned after switching the selection mode if a row is selected and the selectedRowKeys and selection options are bound to scope.
  • dxDataGrid - Data inside a row template is not shown when virtual scrolling is used.
  • dxDataGrid - It is impossible to change a filter type for a grouped column when showWhenGrouped is set to true.
  • dxDataGrid - It is not possible to clear a date value in Batch Edit mode.
  • dxDataGrid - Lookup column cells display values instead of text in adaptive rows if columnHidingEnabled is enabled.
  • dxDataGrid - Selection disappears after changing the selection mode option.
  • dxDataGrid - The Export does not preserve column format (number, currency, date).
  • dxDataGrid - The masterDetail.template function is called twice for the last row.
  • dxDataGrid - The target parameter of the customizeText function returns "row" for filterRow.
  • dxDataGrid - Validation doesn't work for an empty value of a date editor in batch mode.
  • dxDataGrid displays a popup with editors if the selectedFilterOperation option was changed to 'between' using the dxDataGrid.option method.
  • dxDataGrid does not apply the state when options are changed at runtime using the Angular approach.
  • dxDataGrid does not show row values when the columns option is empty or columns are auto-generated.
  • dxDataGrid fires the contentReady event multiple times when virtual scrolling mode is used.
  • dxDataGrid: the "cellClick" event doesn't fire if the "onCellClick" option isn't initialized.
  • dxDataGrid's virtual scrolling does not work on Mac OS.
  • Infinite scrolling in dxDataGrid is not working on Mac OS X.

Data Visualization

  • A Unicode symbol is contained in the Data Visualization export script.
  • Charts - The "s.attributes is undefined" error occurs during export when French localization is used.
  • dxChart - The dataPrepareSettings.sortingMethod callback function does not have any effect in 16.1.5.
  • dxChart throws a script error and line series disappear if one of the series has the same values.
  • dxChart throws the "Label.isVisible is not a function" error when resolveLabelOverlapping is set to 'stack'.
  • dxPieChart - The "Object doesn't support property or method 'getPointsByArg'" error occurs on clicking the legend if a datasource contains only one point.
  • dxRangeSelector does not support data type stackedArea.
  • dxVectopMap - The "Cannot read property 'length' of null" error occurs on an attempt to use custom shape files.

DevExtreme Core

  • DevExtreme widgets slow down the Angular app performance on view loading.
  • The viewShown event is raised when resizing a browser window.

Pivot Grid

  • dxPivotGrid - Binding with dxChart is lost after a data source is changed.
  • dxPivotGrid - PivotGridDataSource's constructor has an incorrect argument type.
  • dxPivotGrid - State persistence does not have effect when a row/column/data field is removed.
  • The table-layout style set for the "table" selector breaks the "table" element used inside dxPivotGrid.


  • dxScheduler - "Work week" should be "Work Week".
  • dxScheduler - A drop-down popup window doesn't display all hidden appointments in the month view if the width is small.
  • dxScheduler - Appointments disappear when the current date is changed and scheduler resources are specified.
  • dxScheduler - Appointments that overlap midnight are shown 30 minutes longer than they should on the Day view.
  • dxScheduler - Tooltip for appointments that overlap midnight displays a date shifted by one day.
  • dxScheduler applies an appointment color slowly when resources are loaded from a remote data service.
  • dxScheduler displays appointments with a shift when startDayHour is fractional.
  • dxScheduler scrolls the group view independently of the appointment view.

UI Widgets

  • dxCalendar displays a duplicated day for October 15 in a certain timezone.
  • dxContextMenu - An unnecessary separator is added to the sub menu items in certain cases.
  • dxContextMenu - Incorrect sub-items are displayed when moving the mouse cursor quickly between root menu items.
  • dxContextMenu appears and then disappears if being triggered at the bottom of a control (IE).
  • dxDataGrid's lookup column still allows setting its value to null via the keyboard if the allowClearing option is disabled.
  • dxDateBox displays incorrect time on iOS if the editor is empty and a popup window is displayed.
  • dxFileUploader - It is impossible to set a specific upload header for each file.
  • dxForm - It is impossible to access a Tabbed item's options using the dxForm.itemOption method.
  • dxLookup does not allow scrolling to the last item on Android devices.
  • dxLookup does not show all items on iPad 3.
  • dxLookup/dxSelectBox scrolls to the first item each time the next page is loaded.
  • dxMap: the "click" event doesn't fire.
  • dxMenu - It is difficult to select submenu items for adjacent items.
  • dxMenu sub items overlap main items when moving the mouse quickly.
  • dxSelectBox - When scrolling the drop-down list to the end, the scroller sometimes goes to the top.
  • dxSelectBox displays an empty dropdown list under certain circumstances.
  • dxSelectBox placed in a custom Angular directive throws the "Cannot read property 'dxButton' of undefined" error after upgrading to 16.1.6.
  • dxSlideOut - An item flickers when a user selects it.
  • dxTagBox dropdown resets its vertical scrollbar position if paging is enabled on Mac OS.
  • dxTagBox treats removing a dxTagBox item for the first time as adding the rest of items.
  • dxdxTextBox loses focus on mobile devices if it's defined inside the autohide menu.
  • dxTreeView - Several arguments are missing in the onItemSelectionChanged event handler.
  • dxValidator is not rendered properly in a hidden Bootstrap tab.
  • dxValidator text jumps during validation when AngularJS approach is used.
  • MVC Wrappers - The TreeView.items.items method suggests a wrong value type.
  • The dxForm.resetValues method does not reset the form validation.
  • The validation message tooltip is displayed incorrectly for editors placed on dxTabs tabs.
  • There is no way to use a single selection mode in dxTreeView.
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