DevExtreme Mobile 16.1.8

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 RCをサポート
11月 18, 2016 - 11:20


  • Adds Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 RC support.


Data Visualization

  • RangeSelector - Years disappear on a date-time scale in some circumstances.
  • dxChart - Axes are not redrawn after hiding series.
  • dxChart - Some labels are not shown on argumentAxis.
  • dxTreeMap - The drill-down feature doesn't work in certain cases.
  • dxChart - The Export feature produces a corrupted PDF under some circumstances.
  • dxChart - Argument strips are not correctly arranged.
  • dxRangeSelector updates left and right scale values independently on moving a selected range.
  • dxChart - The "null is not an object" error is thrown when the logarithmic value axis is used and the data source is empty.
  • Chart export - A PDF file causes Adobe Reader DC save changes alert when there are no changes.
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